Clinical Compensation Plan — Question of the Week: How Will Total Cash Compensation be Determined?

June 18, 2024 by

Clinical Compensation Plan Graphic - Question of the WeekQuestion: How will total cash compensation be determined?

Answer: Total cash compensation is defined as the sum of the annual base salary (including any supplemental pay) and the annual incentive payment. Total cash compensation will be established using a 3-year rolling average from the AAMC, the preferred national benchmark. Clinical productivity expectations will be determined for individuals using a 3-year rolling average from Vizient, the preferred national benchmark, and will be adjusted for cFTE and specialty. For specialties with limited AAMC or Vizient data, approved alternative benchmarks may be used.

If you have specific questions about the Clinical Compensation Plan redesign, please contact your department chair or Department Compensation Plan Committee members. You may also send an email inquiry to:  Further, an internal website is being developed that will host information on the Clinical Compensation Plan. More details to follow.

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