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2021 Innovator of the Year Honored for Leading COVID-19 Testing Efforts Across Virginia


The University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group (UVA LVG) has named Amy Mathers, MD, the 2021 Edlich-Henderson Innovator of the Year. Since 1992, this endowed award recognizes University researchers whose work is making a major impact.

UVA Discovery Reveals Potential Way To Prevent Heart Attacks, and Strokes


Scientists at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have identified a potential way to head off heart attacks and strokes by strengthening the fibrous caps overlying atherosclerotic plaques that…

UVA Scientist Developing Gene Therapy to Help Girls with Rett Syndrome


University of Virginia School of Medicine scientist is developing an innovative gene therapy she hopes will slow disease progression and improve movement, coordination and communication in children with Rett syndrome.…

Q&A: What New COVID-19 Variants Mean For Our Vaccine Options


Over nearly a year of life in a global pandemic, words and phrases like “masking,” “social distancing,” “quarantine” and “herd immunity” have jumped into public conversation and stayed there, shorthand…

Research That Saves Lives: Four COVID-19 Therapies Being Tested at UVA


Over the past nine months, clinical trials conducted at the University of Virginia have led to new treatments for patients fighting COVID-19 in Charlottesville and new tools for health care…

Meet Allie Donlan, a UVA Researcher Whose Work Has Changed the COVID-19 Fight


Even as the coronavirus pandemic began to grip the world in late February and early March, University of Virginia Ph.D. student Allie Donlan did not necessarily picture herself working on…

This UVA Health Staple Has Been Invaluable During The Pandemic


Shortly after Lydia Hanson and Patricia Otterness were matched in the University of Virginia School of Medicine’s Patient Student Partnership program last summer, Hanson – who had just started her…

Blood Test At COVID-19 Diagnosis Can Predict Disease Severity, Study Finds


Doctors can examine COVID-19 patients’ blood to identify those at greatest risk of severe illness and to pinpoint those most likely to need a ventilator, new research from the University…