School of Medicine Soliciting Proposals for Shared Research Equipment

October 25, 2023 by

UVA Research GraphicThe School of Medicine is soliciting proposals for the purchase of research equipment to be used by SOM cores and groups of investigators, with strong preference for use across administrative units and disciplines within the SOM. Deadline to submit proposals is December 11. 

Proposals that offer significant cost sharing and/or evidence that partial outside funding has been obtained or is being sought will increase the likelihood of a favorable review. This program will use FY25 Commonwealth of Virginia Equipment Trust Funds to support equipment that is purchased after July 1, 2024. This early request aligns it with the UVA budget process.

Individuals proposing equipment costing $150,000 or more must also submit a proposal to the NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant Program or High-End Instrumentation Grant Program, which has deadlines in the spring.

By submitting a proposal to the SOM program, the PI confirms that sufficient space and infrastructure (e.g. renovations, power, HVAC capacity) are available where the equipment will be sited.

The completed request form and price quote should be emailed as a single PDF to Mary Peace McRae, PhD, no later than 5:00 p.m. on December 11, 2023.

This program is contingent upon the availability of FY25 ETF, which should become available next summer or fall. The PI is responsible for ensuring that the requested equipment is consistent with ETF program guidelines. 

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