Apply for a Career as a Clinical Research Coordinator

June 6, 2023 by

clinical research coordinators Linda Brycland and Nadia Ventura

Linda Brycland (left) and Nadia Ventura are clinical research coordinators.

There are over 200 CRCs at the School of Medicine and we are actively recruiting for new professionals to serve in this critical role in support of the SOM’s overall research capabilities.

To address some of the market challenges in recruiting and developing these positions, the SOM’s Clinical Trials Office (CTO) partnered with HR to develop opportunities to increase the visibility, outreach, and talent pool for CRCs.

Through that partnership, we developed a CRC-focused recruitment website to highlight the potential opportunities in the CRC career path.  The site provides an overview of the CRC career field and testimonials from current staff.  In addition, it includes an infographic that features the various CRC levels, allowing prospective applicants to determine the CRC-level that aligns with their skills and experience.  In a future state, we hope to include content that further highlights the CRC career field, such as “day in the life” video and an infographic that outlines the career progression for a CRC.

SOM also contracted with a 3rd party vendor to strategically source CRC recruitment, with a specific focus on sites like Google, LinkedIn, and Indeed, targeting those individuals with job titles and skills that align with CRCs.

Another part of this work involves exploring opportunities for pipeline planning.  The CTO has taken the lead on several opportunities, such as connecting with the Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) Medical Assistant training program.  Through this connection, SOM representatives will speak to several of PVCC’s cohorts about the CRC career path.  The goal is to generate awareness and interest about the exciting career field of clinical research for program graduates.

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