UVA Med Student Plays Ukulele to Comfort Patients

Thomas Ball, as a third year of medical school, found himself standing in a patient’s doorway, holding a ukulele. He scanned the room for IV poles and active interventions for the patient, who was blind and hard of hearing. Ball stood in the doorway … [Read more...]

Match Day 2016: 100% Match

On Friday, March 18, with a huge roar just after noon, the UVA School of Medicine’s Class of 2016 opened envelopes and learned where they would be heading for additional training as residents. https://youtu.be/vE8BudVAPt4 All 153 members of … [Read more...]

Salmonella’s Strange Recipe for Defeating the Immune System

Pathogen Uses Its Food to Know When and How to Attack, Researchers Find In a surprising new discovery about potentially deadly salmonella, researchers have determined that the foodborne bacteria has a most unexpected way of telling where it is in … [Read more...]

Unexpected Link Found Between Immune Cells, Weight Control, Disease Resistance

Researchers Identify Genetic Factors Governing Immune Response to Viruses New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has shown how our DNA determines our ability to fight off viruses, revealing that many genes work together to … [Read more...]

Doggies De-Stress Studying Students

School of Medicine students preparing for their exams were treated to cookies and canine companionship all thanks to the 5Cs Comfort Break. https://youtu.be/iXF4nhhN3NY The five Cs stand for canines, cocoa, cookies, cider and contributions to the … [Read more...]