Global Health Award Winners’ Projects Address Water, Environmental Issues

From studying attitudes toward malaria in South Africa to promoting water filtration in South Africa and Guatemala, 57 University of Virginia students will use Center for Global Health scholarships this summer to address public health problems with … [Read more...]

One School, Four Colleges

UVA School of Medicine or Hogwarts? Q&A With a College Dean and Third-Year Student It's not Hogwarts and there's no magic talking hat, but new School of Medicine students do experience a "sorting" into one of four "houses," known as colleges, … [Read more...]

From Second City and Broadway to Medicine: Meet the Hickmans

Our students in the School of Medicine come to us with a variety of life experiences. I always find it a treat when we have the opportunity to sit down with them to discuss where they’ve been, what they’re doing, and what their plans for the future … [Read more...]

Match Day 2018 – Match Madness On March 16, 2018, Match Day was held at medical schools around the U.S. The event brought together hundreds of family and friends to help the soon-to-be doctors celebrate, culminating at noon when the students … [Read more...]

Med Students Partner with Architects to Benefit Patients

Last year, I shared with you the design-thinking program for first-year medical students created by Matthew Trowbridge, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Public Health Sciences; David Chen, MBA, Coulter Program Director, … [Read more...]