Message from the Chair – November 2022

University of Virginia Dr Mitchell Rosner

This month the Department of Medicine completed our annual performance review with the School of Medicine. This is an excellent time for us to review the past year’s achievements, of which there were many. Several notable statistics have been highlighted in emails and are included in this edition of Medicine Matters. What is not highlighted are the literally hundreds of individual accolades and honors garnered by our faculty and staff. It is incredible how accomplished our community is, and there is so much to be proud of. When we originally conceived this newsletter, we thought there would be many such honors to highlight, but we vastly underestimated this! So, congratulations to all of you for making the Department such a rich and robust contributor of excellence at the University of Virginia.

This month we are proud to highlight the Hospital Medicine section led by Dr. Amber Inofuentes. This has been the fastest-growing group of faculty in the Department, and they are deeply involved in leading numerous clinical and educational programs. They are also beginning to expand their research activities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this group was critical to our success, and their clinical excellence continues to be displayed as new programs come online. Under Dr. Inofuentes’ leadership, faculty lead significant quality and patient safety initiatives and serve critical mentorship and educational roles for medical students and residents. I am sure you will be impressed by their publications and the depth and breadth of their other activities. Also, enjoy the many faculty and staff profiles. My deepest thanks to this group for all of their efforts and excellence.

With best wishes,

Mitchell H. Rosner, MD, MACP
Henry B. Mulholland Professor of Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine

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