Carey Marshall Thorner Scholars’ Day 2021 Poster Presentations

Named for three eminent physician-scientists from UVA’s Department of Medicine — Robert Carey, John Marshall, and Michael Thorner– the annual Carey-Marshall-Thorner Research and Scholars Day provide an occasion to learn about the research that our residents and fellows are conducting as a vital part of their educational experience. Learn more.

Scholars' Day 2021

Drs. Christopher Hansen, Jonathan Pan, Jamey Cutts, Rebecca Corey, and Lyndsey Muehling with their awards at Scholar’s Day 2021

Virtual Poster Presentations

(The name of the primary author is bolded)

Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

The α-Gal syndrome presenting with isolated gastrointestinal symptoms
Thomas Makin, Anna Smith, Thomas A. E. Platts-Mills, Jeffrey M. Wilson; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Cardiovascular Medicine

Diagnostic Accuracy of Spiral Whole-Heart Quantitative Adenosine Stress Cardiovascular
Magnetic Resonance with Motion Compensated L1-SPIRIT
Jonathan A. Pan MD, Austin A. Robinson MD, Yang Yang PhD, Patricia Rodriguez Lozano MD, Stephen McHugh MD, Eric M. Holland MD, Craig H. Meyer PhD, Angela M. Taylor MD, Christopher M. Kramer MD, Michael Salerno MD, PhD; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

An Exercise Induced Hyperemia ASL and CrCEST combined protocol at 3T in the Study of Metabolic and Perfusion Changes Post Revascularization in Peripheral Arterial Disease
Toral R Patel1, MD; MD; Helen L Sporkin2, BS; Yaqub Betz, MD1; Craig H Meyer2,3, PhD; Christopher M Kramer1,3, MD Departments of Medicine (Cardiology)1, Biomedical Engineering2, and Radiology and Medical Imaging3 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Single cell profiling identifies atheroprotective IgMMDA-LDL-producing human B
cells and a novel role for CD24
Tanyaporn Pattarabanjirda,b,c, Anh Tram Nguyenb, Chantel McSkimminga, Huy Dinhe, Melissa A. Marshalla, Yanal Ghoshehe, Rishab Gulatie, Chistopher Durante, Jenifer Vallejoe, Ryosuke Saigusae, Fabrizio Dragoa, Angela M. Taylorb,d, Sotirios Tsimikase, Yury Millere, Klaus Leyf, Catherine Hedrickf, Coleen A. McNamaraa,b,d,*

Comparison of metabolic determinants of coronary microvascular disease in a cardiac PET cohort.
Joseph Van Galen, Sarah Ratcliffe, Jamieson Bourque

Routine Carotid Ultrasound Prior to Trans catheter Aortic Valve Replacement Does Not
Predict Peri-Procedural Stroke
Anna van Venrooy, Michael Ragosta, D Scott Lim, Kenan Yount, Angela M Taylor

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Positive attitudes towards telehealth during the Covid19 pandemic: a strong sign for continued use in the IBD population
Brunette C, Figueroa E; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Irene C Perez, Daniel Strand, Andrew Copland

Clostridioides difficile Infection Trends in a Health System during COVID-19 Pandemic
Nisa Desai

EarelyRecurrence of Colonic Polyps Reduced with Thermal Ablation of Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Margins: A non-randomized Retrospective Study
Irene C Perez, Daniel Strand, Andrew Copland

A Simple Quality Initiative Significantly Improves Post-Procedural Documentation of an Anticoagulation Plan After Elective Endoscopy
Benjamin S. Robey, Katya Swarts, Rohan M. Modi, Mark J. Radlinski, Javelle A. Wynter, James M. Scheiman, Andrew P. Copland

Timing and Role of Paracentesis in the Management of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
Mohammed Shwetar, Brian Wentworth, Neeral Shah; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

General Medicine

Timing of PERT Activation and Outcomes in Acute Pulmonary Embolism
Barnett ME, Sharma A; University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA

Creatine Chemical Exchange Transfer MRI to Evaluate Calf Muscle Energetics in Peripheral Arterial Disease
Yaqub M Betz, MD; Toral Patel, MD; MS; Helen L Sporkin, BS; Craig Meyer PhD, Christopher M Kramer, MD

Increased Left and Right Atrial Volume Indices are Associated with Decreased Survival Times post-Cardiac Arrest
Olivia Blazek

Transfusion with Cryoprecipitate for Very Low Fibrinogen Levels Does Not Affect Bleeding or
Survival in Critically Ill Cirrhosis Patients
Isadore M. Budnick, Jessica P.E. Davis, Anirudh Sundararaghavan, Samuel B. Konkol, Chelsea E. Lau, James P. Alsobrooks, Matthew J. Stotts, Nicolas M. Intagliata, Ton Lisman, Patrick G. Northup

Facilitating the Flow: Improving overnight RN to daytime MD communication
Clemo R, Miller B, Braun E, Freemire K, Greene K.

Systemic Pulsatility Indexed to Central venous Pressure is associated with Adverse Clinical Outcomes in Advanced Heart Failure
Cutts, J, Bilchick K, Miller M, Aktan I, Stafford P, Abeya F, Kwon Y, Mehta N, Nuotong S, David S, Breathett K, Mubanga M, Mwansa H, Mazimba S

Impact of Physician Identification Cards on Patient Enrollment in Discharge Programs: Improving Trust through Simple Interventions
Dooley MM, Chisholm J, Henderson A, Hall J.

Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Improve Hemoglobin A1c in Type 2 Diabetes: A Retrospective Study
Taylor A Fie, Mary Voelmle; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Three Site Testing of Sexually Transmitted Infections in People Living with HIV in One Southeastern Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clinic: First Year of Experience
Maria Geba, MD, Samuel Powers, BA, Brooke Williams, BS, Kathryn R Dort, FNP, Elizabeth T. Rogawski McQuade, PhD, Kathleen A. McManus, MD

Reduced Adiponectin Levels in Patients with COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Failure: A Case-Control Study
Sean M. Kearns, MD; Katelyn W. Ahern, PhD; James T. Patrie, MSc; William B. Horton, MD, FACP; Thurl E. Harris, PhD; Alexandra Kadl, MD, MSc

HCV eConsult Pilot Survey
Harriet King

Impact of pharmacist-assisted medication review on the rate of medication errors in discharges to skilled nursing facilities
Levit A, Inofuentes A, McLlarky J, Chilmaid M, Dreicer J, Delk B, Lau G

Right ventricular to left ventricular internal diameter in diastole predicts right ventricular failure after left ventricular assist device implantation in patients with advanced heart failure.
Sawch DM, Bilchick KC, Ababio P, Mazimba S; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Bronchoscopy with Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Induced Pneumonitis: Does it Change Management?
Anirudh Sundararaghavan, Robert C Wharton, Andrew J Barros, Elizabeth C Gaughan, Richard D Hall, Ryan D Gentzler, Jeffrey M Sturek; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Arthrocentesis procedure kit availability and impact on inpatient joint taps
Topilow, JS, Meindertsma, J; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Impact of Palliative Care Consultation on Readmission Rates for Patients with Metastatic Lung or Colon Cancer at the University of Virginia
Wood, S, Pierce, E, Melson, J, Abraham, R, Hanson, L.

Implementation of a Mentorship Program to Serve Person’s Underrepresented in Medicine at the University of Virginia
E. Wynter, MD

Hematology and Oncology

Myeloid Cell Infiltration Correlates with Prognosis and Varies Based on Tumor Location in Cholangiocarcinoma
Sean C. Dougherty, Kevin Lynch, Rachel Whitehair, Max Meneveau, Joseph M. Obeid, Kevin Winters, Jennifer Ju, Edward B. Stelow, Todd W. Bauer, Paul R. Kunk, Craig L.
Slingluff Jr and Osama E. Rahma

Infectious Disease and International Health

Adenosine Deaminase Negative Pleural Tuberculosis: A Case Report and Review
Zachary H. Boggs MD, Scott Heysell MD, MPH, Joshua Eby MD, Christopher Arnold MD

Usage of the mHealth Application PositiveLinks among Older People Living with HIV
Campbell BR, Shenoi S, Rosanova J, Dillingham R

IL-13 is a driver of COVID-19 severity
Alexandra N. Donlan, Tara E. Sutherland, Chelsea Marie, Saskia Preissner, Ben T. Bradley, Rebecca M. Carpenter, Jeffrey M. Sturek, Jennie Z. Ma, G. Brett Moreau, Jeffrey R. Donowitz, Gregory A. Buck, Myrna G. Serrano, Stacey L. Burgess, Mayuresh M. Abhyankar, Cameron Mura, Philip E. Bourne, Robert Preissner, Mary K. Young, Genevieve R. Lyons, Johanna J. Loomba, Sarah J Ratcliffe, Melinda D. Poulter, Amy J. Mathers, Anthony J. Day, Barbara J. Mann, Judith E. Allen, William A. Petri, Jr.

The MOCT II study: Implementation of a multi-organization mobile health technology-based program to expand access to patient-centered care and antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV with or without tuberculosis in Irkutsk, Siberia
Hodges, Jacqueline, Koshkina, Olga, Plenskey, Alexey, Suzdalnitsky, Alexey, Waldman, Ava Lena, Zhdanova, Svetlana, Schwendinger, Jason, Vitko, Serhiy, Plotnikova, Yulia, Moiseeva, Elena; Koshcheyev, Mikhail, Sebekin, Sergey, Ogarkov, Oleg, Heysell, Scott, Dillingham, Rebecca

Assessing Environmental Surfaces for Contamination with P. aeruginosa in an Intensive Care Unit: A Pilot Study
Park S, Barry K, Parikh H, Carroll J, Attai A, Mathers A.

Characterizing Use of Follow-Up Blood Cultures (FUBC) in the Management of Gram- Negative Bacilli (GNB) Bloodstream Infections (BSIs)
Evan Robinson, Heather Cox, Amy Mathers; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Nephrology & CIIR

MHC-linked Cmv5s is Associated with Severe Inflammation, Tissue Necrosis, and Acute Viral Susceptibility Independent of MHC-I Molecule H-2D
Annis JL, Crittenden RB, Cronk JM, Billcheck HO, Brown MG; University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Localization of Spinster Homolog 2 (Spns2) in Mouse Kidneys and Significance in Kidney Injury
Sylvia Cechova, Nabin Poudel, Nataliya Skrypnyk and Mark D. Okusa

CRISPR Ablation of Activation Receptors in Primary NK Cells to Delineate Necessity during Acute Viral Infection
Cronk JM, Crittenden RB, Brown MG; University of Virginia

Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 (PD-1) Controls Metabolic Activity of Regulatory T Cells in Ischemia-Induced Acute Kidney Injury
Murat Dogan, Vikram Sabapathy, Rajkumar Venkatadri, Chris O’Neill, Sandhya Xavier, Didier Portilla, Gilbert R. Kinsey, Rahul Sharma

Evaluation of the impact of Delayed Graft Function (DGF) on Kidney Allograft Outcomes
Joseph Leeds, Badi Rawashdeh, Michael Sestito, Binu Sharma, Jeanne Kamal, Anjushree Kumar, Alden Doyle, Avinash Agarwal, Swati Rao.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Reshapes the Immune System
Nash WT, Tanaka S, Okusa MD

Pannexin 1 Channel Regulates Mitochondrial Function and Ferroptosis During Acute Kidney Injury
Nabin Poudel, Eibhleen Goggins, Nataliya Skrypnyk, Christopher B. Medina, Diane L. Rosin, Kodi S. Ravichandran, Mark D. Okusa

IL-33/ST2 Alarmin Axis Regulates the Diametrical Effect of Myeloid Cells in Acute and Chronic Kidney Injury
Vikram Sabapathy, Gabrielle Costlow, Rajkumar Venkatadri, Nardos Cheru, Airi Price, Murat Dorgan, Saleh Mohammad, Rahul Sharma

Optogenetic stimulation of the Vagus Nerve Identifies Distinct Pathways that Mediate Kidney Protection from Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Shinji Tanaka, Shuqiu Zheng, Stephen B. Abbott, Daniel S. Stornetta, Diane L. Rosin, Ruth L. Stornetta, Patrice G. Guyenet, Mark D. Okusa

Targeting Interferon Stimulatory DNA (ISD) Pathways and Bcl6 Transcription Factor Rescues TREX1 D18N Animals from Autoimmunity
Rajkumar Venkatadri, Vikram Sabapathy, Murat Dogan, Saleh Mohammad, Scott Harvey, Fred W. Perrino and Rahul Sharma

Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care

Patients with Sarcoidosis Associated Pulmonary Fibrosis Do Not Receive Early Immune Suppression In Comparison to Peers without Fibrosis
J. O. Akingbade, J. P. Alsobrooks, S. Kearns, T. Altherr, K. Brown-Steinke, T. Paul, N. Malik, I. Noth, C. Bonham

Phenobarbital vs. Benzodiazepines in ICU Patients with Severe Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome.
Burke, A, Hedrick, A, Hockman, B.

Effect of Gender on the Treatment Responses to Rapamycin on the Progression of Emphysema in Cigarette Smoke Exposed Mice
Earasi, K., Myc, LA., Obaida, Z., Zhang, Z., Song, C., Macleod, J., He, M., Burdick, MD., Shim, YM.

Probing Early-Stage Pulmonary Pathophysiology in Young Healthy E-Cigarette Users Using Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 MRI
M. He, K. Qing, N. Tustison, L. A. Myc, J. MacLeod, R. Nunoo-Asare, J. Cassani, M. Marie, Z. Zhang, A. Ropp, G. W. Miller, T. A. Altes, J.Mata, J. Mugler, Y. M. Shim

Impact of Streamlined ED Rabies Protocol on Departmental Workflow and Vaccine Schedule Adherence
Jessie L Lipstreuer, Derek Burden, J Nate Hedrick

Evaluating In Vivo Biomolecular Outcomes of Tacrolimus Immunosuppression in Lung Transplantation
MacLeod J, He M, Earasi K, Zhang K, Floyd S, Czarnecki M, Struchen S, Herrera R, Nunoo-Asare R, Burdick M, Mannem H, Weder M, Shim YM

Differential Gene Expression and Pathway Enrichment May Explain Female Resistance to Emphysema in Murine Models of COPD.
Chunzi Song, Zaid Obaida, Kranthikiran Earasi, Zhimin Zhang, Jamie MacLeod, Mu He, Schroeder Noble, Mikell Paige, Marie Burdick, Yun Shim


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