2021 Department of Medicine Educational Update – Message from Brian Uthlaut, MD, Residency Program Director

Dr Brian Uthlaut

Dr Brian Uthlaut

The COVID-19 pandemic and all of its sundry impacts dominated so much of our consciousness and effort in the 20-21 academic year. But despite the pressures and demands of this year, we have had enormous success in our education missions over the last year. Through the commitment of our residents, chief residents, and faculty, the Department of Medicine never missed a beat educationally and was able to continue to innovate new curricula and navigate major changes while being at the clinical forefront of managing the surges of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is much to be proud of and celebrate in the accomplishments of our mentees and the work of the department in this vital mission!

The Department of Medicine won the Mulholland Department Teaching Award for the sixth straight year from our medical students, the first time any department has done so! This is an amazing recognition of the consistency of our department in its commitment to engaging students in the teaching of clinical medicine.

The Department of Medicine celebrated Carey Marshall Thorner Scholars’ Day in early May. For the second straight year, we held a virtual poster presentation that more than 50 trainees participated in. We held an outstanding oral presentation competition as well that can be viewed HERE. (Passcode: FM6h2Q+4)

Virtual poster presentations can be viewed HERE.


Pan JA, Kerwin MJ, and Salerno M. “Native T1 Mapping, Extracellular Volume Mapping, and Late Gadolinium Enhancement in Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Meta-analysis.” JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2020 Jun;13(6):1299-1310 Jonathan Pan, PGY3 resident

Muehling L, Agrawal R, Wright P, Carper H, Murphy D, Workman L, Word C, Eccles J, Ratcliffe S, Capaldo B, Turner R, Platts-Mills T, Heymann P, Kwok W, Woodfolk J. Human Th1 and Th2 cells targeting rhinovirus and allergen coordinately promote allergic asthma, J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2020; 146: 555-570
Lyndsey Muehling Allergy/Immunology

Tanaka, S., A. Chikara, S.B.G. Abbott, S.Zheng, Y.Yamaoka, J.E. Lipsey, N.I. Skrypnyk, J.Yao, T. Inoue, W.T. Nash, D.S. Stornetta, D.L. Rosin, R.L. Stornetta, P.G. Guyenet, M. D. Okusa. Vagus nerve stimulation activates two distinct neuro-immune circuits converging in the spleen to protect mice from kidney injury. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, Mar 23; 118(12):e2021758118, 2021
Shinji Tanaka Nephrology

Shyr Te Ju Award

Rajkumar Venkatadri “Targeting Interferon Stimulatory DNA (ISD) Pathways and Bcl6 Transcription Factor Rescues TREX1 D18N Animals from Autoimmunity”


Most Outstanding

Lyndsey Muehling “Failure of Adaptive Immunity to the Common Cold to Protect from Re-infection with Either the Same or a Different Viral Strain in a Human Sequential Infection Model”


Christopher Hanson “Long-term Outcomes in Patients with Normal Coronary Arteries, Non-obstructive or Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease on Invasive Coronary Angiography”

Rebecca Corey “Optimization of Vascular Access to Reduce Catheter-Associated Deep Vein Thrombosis”


Betz, Yaqub MD, Creatine Chemical Exchange Transfer MRI to Evaluate Calf Muscle Energetics in Peripheral Arterial Disease

Cutts, Jamey MD, Systemic Pulsatility Indexed to Central venous Pressure is associated with Adverse Clinical Outcomes in Advanced Heart Failure

Donlan, Allie PhD, student IL-13 is a driver of COVID-19 severity

Perez, Irene MD, Early Recurrence of Colonic Polyps Reduced with Thermal Ablation of Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Margins: A Non-Randomized Retrospective Study

Robinson, Evan MD, Characterizing Use of Follow-Up Blood Cultures (FUBC) in the Management of Gram- Negative Bacilli (GNB) Bloodstream Infections (BSIs)

Tanaka, Shinji MD,PhD, Optogenetic stimulation of the vagus nerve identifies distinct pathways that mediate kidney protection from ischemia-reperfusion injury

Thanks to Drs. Rosner and Petri and all of the project mentors in the Department for their support of our residents and fellows in their scholarly projects this year; to Sthuthi David and Tony Brinkman for their work in orchestrating the submissions, judging, and presentations; and to our judging crew including:


Allergy – Judith Woodfolk
Cardiology –Matt Wolf
Endocrinology – Gene Barrett
General Medicine –Andy Wolf
GI – Brian Behm
Heme/onc – Francine Garrett-Bakelman
Infectious Diseases –Cirle Warren
Nephrology – Julia Scialla
Pulmonology –Jeff Sturek
Rheumatology – Don Kimpel


Andrew Barros, Pulmonology
Jamie Bourque, Cardiology
Stacey Burgess, Infectious Diseases
Heather Ferris, Endocrinology
Tabor Flickinger, General Medicine
Shri Gadrey, General Medicine
Carol Gilchrist, Infectious Diseases
Ben Horton, Infectious Diseases
Greg Madden, Infectious Diseases
Chris McCartney, Endocrinology
Glenn Moulder, General Medicine
Andrew Parsons, General Medicine
Steven Philips, Cardiology
Jeff Sturek, Pulmonology
Sthuthi David, Chief Resident
Drew Harris, Pulmonology
Scott Heysell, Infectious Diseases
Alex Kadl, Pulmonology
Allison Lyons, General Medicine
Alex Zimmet, Chief Resident


2020-2021 UVA Chief Residents

Outgoing Chief Residents from the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year
From left: Brian Uthlaut, Sthuthi David, Alex Zimmet, Alex Jepsen, and Rebecca Haug

In late May, our outgoing Chief Residents, Drs. Rebecca Haug, Sthuthi David, Alex Jepsen, and Alex Zimmet delivered an outstanding Chiefs’ Grand Rounds summarizing a year in the life of the residency program, running the gamut of the tremendous work done by our house staff during the pandemic to a variety of new curricula implemented this year.

At this Chief Resident Grand Rounds, a number of awards were handed out or announced including:

UVA Scholars Day 2021

Dr. Rebecca Clemo (left) receives the Mulholland Award from Dr. Susan Kirk

Mulholland Teaching Awards (nominated by student):
Marten Hawkins, PGY2; Merry Ellen Barnett, PGY3; Rebecca Clemo, PGY3
Brodie Resident Clinician Award (nominated by faculty, peers): Rebecca Clemo, PGY3

Resident-Voted Awards:
Dunn Award: James Topilow, PGY3
Leadership in Service and Advocacy: Maria Geba, PGY3
Intern Professionalism Award: Joe Mort, PGY1
Inpatient Attending of the Year: Alex Kadl, MICU
Outpatient Attending of the Year: Andy Wolf, UMA
Fellow of the Year: Claire DeBolt, MICU

If you missed this grand rounds, you should be able to view it HERE.

Additionally, over the spring, a number of our other residents were honored in other settings for some outstanding awards:

SOM Gold Humanism and Teaching Excellence Award – Reed Davis and Jimmy Topilow
Alpha Omega Alpha induction – Sthuthi David, Izzy Budnick, Sarah Wood,
Maria Geba, and Jimmy Topilow

As restrictions have begun to lift, we were able to celebrate our PGY3 class in late May at Hark Vineyards. This class has provided tremendous clinical, educational, and research contributions to the department and are off to outstanding fellowship positions and jobs in July!

2021 UVA House Staff

Departing house staff during the May 29th celebration at Hark Vineyard

The department is fortunate to have an amazing group of new chief residents taking the baton from our outgoing group. Welcome to Drs. Izzy Budnick, Rebecca Clemo, Jamey Cutts, and Athidi Earasi!

2021-2022 UVA Chief Residents

Incoming Chief Residents for the 2021 – 2022 Academic Year
From left: Jamey Cutts, Athidi Earasi, Rebecca Clemo, and Izzy Budnick

July has arrived in a hurry! We have 36 interns arriving from all over the country ready to hit the ground running. Please extend them a special welcome as they arrive… especially since, for many of them, they chose our program over a virtual medium!

2021-2022 UVA Department of Medicine Interns
Thanks to all in the department for an outstanding year in education! Here’s to another!

~ Brian Uthlaut, MD, Residency Program Director

Internal Medicine Clerkship for Third-Year Medical Students

It has been a busy year in UME with several transitions in addition to the added complications of the pandemic. Starting in March 2021, a quarter of the SMD23 medical school class began their clerkship year at our newly opened UVA Inova campus in Fairfax, Virginia. For the UVA Medicine Clerkship team here at Charlottesville campus and the Inova team of Dr. Homan Wai and Dr. Gigi Gaudiano, this represented the completion of over 12 months of coordination to ensure a smooth transition for the students. As a result of the use of remote learning over the past year, students at both UVA campus sites can participate in workshops and didactics led by faculty at both the Charlottesville campus and Inova campus, allowing a strong cohesion of each group.

The Medicine Clerkship additionally incorporates the following components of teaching, several of which are entirely new or updated as of this year, including:

• New: Threads in Quality Improvement/Patient Safety and High-Value Care led by Dr. Amber Inofuentes and Dr. Andrew Parsons

• New: Weekly didactic sessions by our faculty and residents (with special thanks to Drs. Jennifer Kirby, Kambiz Kalantari, Homan Wai, James Alsobrooks, Marten Hawkins, Laura Martin, and Sami Ibrahim as our speakers)

• New: Palliative Care sessions led by Dr. Josh Barclay and colleagues

• New: Evidence-Based Medicine Workshop led by Dr. Homan Wai

• New: Oral Presentations by students on a clinical question encountered for a patient they are following – presentations are assessed and graded with written feedback by a core group of faculty volunteers: Glenn Moulder, Alex Millard, Molly Hughes, Greg Young, Jessica Dreicer, Rebecca Kenner, Amanda Renaghan, Sam Hundert, Alex Lawson, Ben Martin, David Fink, and Andrew Parsons

• Updated around pandemic: Clinical Skills Education Program bedside teaching led by Dr. Gerald Donowitz and Glenn Moulder with Alex Millard, Ben Martin, Kathy Coffey-Vega, Alex Lawson, Rebecca Kenner, Andrew Parsons, and Emily Richardson

• Updated for Zoom: Heart Sounds workshop led by Dr. Simon Lehtinen

• Ethics Thread sessions led by Dr. Donna Chen and Dr. Lois Shepherd

• Medicine shelf prep review sessions led by Dr. Alex Millard

• Student Morning Report sessions led by Drs. Molly Hughes, Alex Millard, and Glenn Moulder, along with Medicine residents

Additionally, Dr. Greg Young from the Hospitalist Group has co-led the development of a new intersession week provided three times yearly, providing third-year clerkship students with intensive workshops and didactics in Clinical Reasoning, Physical Exam Skills, Communication and Transitions of Care.

Finally, the clerkship team of Molly Hughes, Glenn Moulder, Alex Millard, and Karen Ward are very thankful to all the interns, residents, fellows, and faculty who have continued to provide an unmatched clinical educational experience for the students resulting in the sixth straight year of the Mulholland Departmental Teaching Award, despite all the stresses that came with shouldering a large share of the care of patients with COVID in our hospital over the past year.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the Medicine Clerkship student educational activities is encouraged to contact us.

Thank you to everyone for all that you do to educate our trainees!

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