Awards and Achievements – July 2021

July 2021

Congratulations to Dr. William Petri who received a Thomas Jefferson Award for Excellence in Scholarship. Dr. Petri serves as Division Chief of Infectious Diseases and is lauded for helping UVA navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, treat patients, vaccine development, mentoring colleagues, and educating the public. He is also recognized as one of the world’s premier infectious diseases researchers as well as a consummate physician-scientist, training program director, and institutional leader. Learn more.

Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Madden assistant professor in the UVA School of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health, who will analyze immune profiles and Clostridioides difficile infection outcomes. Madden is mentored by Dr. William Petri. Learn more.

Congratulations to Dr. Francine Garrett-Bakelman who was named by the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust to its 2021 class of the Pew-Stewart Scholars Program for Cancer Research. The highly competitive program awards scholars a four-year grant to advance cutting-edge research into the development, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The program will fund Garrett-Bakelman’s research, which is designed to determine the role of the CEBPD protein on disease relapse in patients with acute myeloid leukemia— research that has the potential to significantly influence the treatment of this disease. Learn more.

Congratulations to Dr. Aditya Sharma who was named by the Society of Vascular Medicine to its panel of Associate Editors. Sharma has been instrumental in developing the journal’s CME program and its Core Curriculum in Vascular Medicine sections. Dr. Sharma is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Vascular Medicine Fellowship Program.

Congratulations to Dr. Patrick Northup on his promotion to Professor of Medicine.

Congratulations to Dr. Laahn Foster on her promotion to Associate Professor of Medicine.

Congratulations to Dr. Jeanne Kamal on winning the Young Investigator Award at the American Transplant Congress (ATC) 2021 Virtual Connect June 4 – June 9, 2021, for her presentation on Comparison Of Outcomes Of Hepatitis C Virus (hcv) Nucleic Acid (nat) Positive Donor Between Hcv-naïve and Hcv + Recipients – A Donor Mate Analysis.

Congratulations to Dr. LaurieArchbald-Pannone who has been appointed the new assistant college dean for student affairs for Dunglison College effective July 1, 2021. Dr. Archbald-Pannoneis an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Geriatrics Section and serves as the director of engagement for the Office of Admissions. She is an accomplished educator and has received great recognition for her teaching excellence.

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