Message From the Chair – December 2020

University of Virginia Dr Mitchell RosnerThere is no doubt that 2020 was a year to remember or perhaps, a year to forget. We have experienced a pandemic, a contentious election, a politically-divided nation, and severe stress and anxiety. Our work has been challenging and anxiety-provoking as we navigate our personal safety while caring for critically ill patients. It has been a hard year. I do hope that all of you are doing well and that you are holding up as we finish the year. We do end the year with the promise of a vaccine and we are actively planning on this administration – certainly, something that we have all been waiting for.

This past year was also a time that tested our resiliency. I am proud of our response and our focus on each other, our community, and our missions. When the pandemic started in March, we mobilized as a team and achieved remarkable accomplishments. Our education team, led by Drs. Brian Uthlaut, Molly Hughes, and Alex Millard along with their colleagues, pivoted a huge amount of educational content to virtual platforms as well as adjusting schedules and supporting our residents and students. Our researchers have slowly returned to their labs after an initial shutdown and many have come together to develop a world-class clinical and basic science program to study COVID-19 (many thanks to Drs. Bill Petri, Jeff Sturek, Coleen McNamara, Patrick Jackson, Alex Kadl, and others). Our clinical teams have worked tirelessly to develop care protocols and staffing plans (many thanks to Drs. Paul Helgerson, Kyle Enfield, Taison Bell, and a host of others). At all points, our administrative staff has provided tremendous support to enable these activities. There are so many to thank and my apologies for not mentioning all of you…you are all so deserving of our gratitude.

So, while this has been a tough year with challenges beyond our control. It has also been a year of great accomplishments, great teamwork, and great dedication to what makes our Department so special. There is no doubt that challenges remain and no doubt that we will persevere and succeed. My sincere thanks for all of your efforts.

With best wishes,

Mitchell H. Rosner, MD, MACP
Henry B. Mulholland Professor of Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine

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