Students from Buford Middle School Invited by Department of Medicine to Tour The School of Nursing

On February 3rd and 5th, 7th grade students from Buford Middle School visited the University of Virginia Health System in order to experience different aspects of medicine. They had the unique opportunity to tour the medical simulation labs in either the School of Medicine or School of Nursing, spend time in the ultrasound and CT/MRI imaging departments, and learn about the Pegasus flight crew. The highlight for most students was the ability to walk out onto the helipad and take in the gorgeous views of Charlottesville.

In looking through the various photos, one can see that everyone involved had an amazing time and experience. If even one student walks away with a greater appreciation or enthusiasm for science and medicine then all of the effort put forth into making this event happen was a worthwhile investment.

This experience could not have been possible without the time, effort, and support from the amazing volunteers from the Department of Medicine. Thank You!

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Employees from UVA Department of Medicine who toured middle school students through UVA Nursing School, radiology, and the helipad. Pictured from left front: Javanov Barksdale, Debra Burleigh, Jessica Proffitt, Terri Washington, Lisa Mackey, From left back: Patty Dabney, Janet Tillage, Stacey White, Leslie Stewart, Monte Parsons, Cheryl Etelvari, Brandon Kemp, Ruth Aldridge, Glenn Glover, Sonja Spradlin, Martha Burner, Kristine Olson


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