Department of Medicine Community Outreach

On Saturday, September 14, 2019 the Department of Medicine partnered with the Virginia Wellness Initiative (comprised of UVA Medical Students) providing health screenings during the Scottsville Community Day Health Fair. Screenings for blood pressure, height/weight/BMI, mental wellness, and Hb/A1c, were available as well as Health Guidance and Counseling.

Thank you to Terri Washington from the Department of Medicine for organizing the event. Joe Mort with VWI for his leadership and for the participation of the following medical students who gave of their time and knowledge: Funmi Eletu, Andy Skipper, Lena Bichell, Vishi Bhatnagar, JungEun Ahn, Laura Fuhr, Sarah Flores, Ginny Lee Olivier, Jeffery White, Ashley Silver, Elias Ayoub, Zev Gurman, Tien Gomlekoglu, Ben Cardenas, Justin Coley, Lauren Dunavant, Alex Martin, Hannah Sigmon, Nicholas Deal, Madisyn Primas, Bahrom Ostad, Joe Mort, Nicole Thieken, Joanna Odenthal, Jenny Zhang, Katya Swarts, Sarbajeet Nagda, Lydia Luu, Courtney Heron, and Alexandra Deal.

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