At the Assisted Living Facility – Contest Finalist

by Michael Harty They straggle across two rows of handicapped spaces, tugging their young toward  the wide pneumatic doors, adjusting their faces.  Smile, Trevor, Grandpa wants to see you smile. They steel themselves to invade the land of … [Read more...]

Film Noir – Contest Finalist

by Laura Foley Film Noir In Paris with my professor, and his shy teenage son, not much younger than I, whose presence I try to fence from my awareness. Our apartment’s an atelier, our courtyard shaded with Trees of Heaven, I look down … [Read more...]

Here’s the dream: Contest Finalist

by Monica Wendel Here’s the dream: that I’ve made the right choice. That everyone forgives me for everything. That we can sleep at night. That the dog I’m dog sitting never barks or snaps at me but instead curls up and is comforted by me … [Read more...]

Swimming Lessons – Contest Winner

by Beverly Magovern Lyon Would it have made a difference if I had arrived in a later season, say, spring 1945 or fall of ‘53? Would my mother have learned to float by then, confident and tan? Suppose my grandmother had not stepped out for a … [Read more...]

The Night Room

by Larry Pike I have been in this room before, one like it, one of a thousand, a million— past the gift shop, the snack bar, x-ray, PT, round and around the maze of wings, 2 East, 3 West, halfway down a hallway— adjustable bed, leather-like … [Read more...]


by Larry Pike Of course it’s precautionary, probably will be discontinued once the echo results are back, but being handed the nitro scrip jolts the pulse, stimulates sharp, darting pains, which would seem contraindicated. I feel a searing … [Read more...]

Skin Check

by Megan McGinley Simpson At 0830, the salty, old sailor creaks as he eases into the exam chair. His gnarled knees crack, knotted knuckles clutch his driftwood cane. Under the scrolling gold of U.S.S. Arizona proudly displayed on his black … [Read more...]

The Drunkard Tries to Fight

by Ken Poyner Hands that could palm a basketball. A chest you could smash rock against. Arms thick as bridge cables. Legs Like the trees grandfather remembers As bigger in his youth then ever They could be in ours. A soul Out of joint with … [Read more...]

The Body

by Victoria Korth I miss being able to touch strangers without strict permission, ask them to cough, turn over, take a deep breath, press the liver’s rim with sensing fingers, feel warmth above kidney and stiff rotator cuff murmurings under a … [Read more...]

Pain Birds V

by Ashley Warren I hold her by the elbow, her small feet shuffling, angst and fear all over her. She grips my hand tight and I see her fingers have turned a new shade of purple. Her fingernails are still long with a sharp tip and I imagine … [Read more...]