Message from the Editor

The inaugural print edition of Hospital Drive is now available! This edition features an interview with our founder, Dr. Danny Becker; our prose and poetry contest winners; and an anthology of the best work we've published since our founding. You can … [Read more...]

Jefferson’s Children

by Maureen Hirthler “If you don’t do something right now, I’m going to hurt my children.” Standing at the window of the police station, this is what you say. The policewoman comes out to get you, hand resting casually on the taser at her waist, … [Read more...]

Skin Check

by Megan McGinley Simpson At 0830, the salty, old sailor creaks as he eases into the exam chair. His gnarled knees crack, knotted knuckles clutch his driftwood cane. Under the scrolling gold of U.S.S. Arizona proudly displayed on his black … [Read more...]

The Drunkard Tries to Fight

by Ken Poyner Hands that could palm a basketball. A chest you could smash rock against. Arms thick as bridge cables. Legs Like the trees grandfather remembers As bigger in his youth then ever They could be in ours. A soul Out of joint with … [Read more...]

The Body

by Victoria Korth I miss being able to touch strangers without strict permission, ask them to cough, turn over, take a deep breath, press the liver’s rim with sensing fingers, feel warmth above kidney and stiff rotator cuff murmurings under a … [Read more...]

Pain Birds V

by Ashley Warren I hold her by the elbow, her small feet shuffling, angst and fear all over her. She grips my hand tight and I see her fingers have turned a new shade of purple. Her fingernails are still long with a sharp tip and I imagine … [Read more...]

Pain Birds VII

by Ashley Warren Sun-browned skin, bottle sweating freedom beads, colors colors laughing birds. Got the news—“she has Parkinson’s…” Ask a travelling doctor, “what’s worse—that or Alzheimer’s?” THAT, etc. etc. Big picture. Too many turisimo … [Read more...]


by Victoria Korth So crimped skin over a breast lump looks to the poet in me, wood-burning done by an eleven year old in a heated basement playroom, tattooed orange peel, acid in the eye. We learn to describe: marche a petis pas, rebound … [Read more...]

New Terms

by Tom Donolon informal lump detection, lumpectomy pseudolumps, calcifications dense breasts, nipple discharge inverted nipples, aspirate chronic subareolar abscess intraductal papilloma atypical lobular … [Read more...]


by Steven Gordon You murmur my name vibrating my drums and little bones stimulating my brain with a soft sigh as the fall of snow kissing the ground in nearly silent whiteness … [Read more...]