What Have You Done Lately That Made You Proud?

The School of Medicine has so many talented people that make a difference everyday. When we asked the question, “What have you done lately that made you proud?” we got some interesting answers:

  • Mohan Nadkarni, MD: “We just finished some strategic planning with the Free Clinic, filling in gaps in care in the community to help those who need it most.”
  • Peggy Pasternak: “I’m proud of being named Employee of the Month. It was nice to be recognized for my efforts here.”
  • Brian Gittens: “I am proud of the staff and faculty within the Department of Medicine, and the role the School had in planning and implementing the Inside UVA Medicine middle-school conference for Buford. This is a great example of engagement at work, as employees collaborated to share the Health System with more than 400 students.”
  • Brant Isakson, PhD: “I watched two of my graduate students independently give thoughtful, articulate and very well-received scientific presentations on their work at a major international conference.”

We want to foster an environment where people can make a difference, a place where you feel you are producing good work, a place where you know you are making a positive impact on those around you. Finding fulfillment, feeling good about your work, is so very important.

Think about what you have done lately that made you proud. It can be small (“I organized my desk.”) or big (“I designed a new process that will save our School millions of dollars.”) The Academic Strategic Plan tactical groups are working to remove the barriers between success and you. When those are gone, finding pride and fulfillment will be that much easier.  That is an environment of which we can all be proud.

Please share with me your thoughts on what accomplishments have made you proud. We would all like to hear, so post your comments below.


Nancy E. Dunlap, MD, PhD, MBA
Dean, UVA School of Medicine
James Carroll Flippin Professor of Medical Science

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