NIH – Impact of Technology and Digital Media (TDM) Exposure/Usage on Child and Adolescent Development (P01 Clinical Trial Optional)

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This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) invites submission of Program Project (P01) applications to support integrated, multi-project research programs examining the pathways by which technology and digital media (TDM) exposure and usage impact developmental trajectories and health outcomes in early childhood (ages birth-8) and adolescence (ages 9-17).


The mission of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) is to lead research and training to understand human development, improve reproductive health, enhance the lives of children and adolescents, and optimize abilities for all. With respect to research on exposure to and usage of technology and digital media (TDM), NICHD supports and conducts basic and translational research and training addressing, from infancy through adolescence, how TDM exposure and usage are related to typical and atypical development across multiple domains (e.g., neurocognitive, behavioral, linguistic, social-emotional, and physical) with individuals from diverse backgrounds and subpopulations, as well as the immediate and long-term impact of episodic (e.g., cyberbullying and peer victimization) and systemic (e.g., virtual learning necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic) exposures and associated health outcomes (e.g., sleep and physical activity, academic learning loss).

Key Dates:

Open Date (Earliest Submission Date): October 29, 2021
Letter of Intent Due Date(s): October 29, 2021
Application: November 29, 2021

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