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The principal aim of this program is to foster outstanding and innovative scientific research by bringing together international teams of researchers with complementary expertise and resources to work together on a common thematic problem. The proposals should aim to generate new knowledge with the potential to advance the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular and/or neurovascular disease. Early career investigators play a vital role in these networks, which provide an excellent context for training and career development in cardiovascular and neurovascular research.


With the Transatlantic Network of Excellence (TNE) Program, the Leducq Foundation looks to support original and outstanding research in the areas of the foundation’s mission, namely, cardiovascular and neurovascular disease. Applicants are encouraged to think innovatively and to propose bold new ideas. Nevertheless, while the foundation will bear the risks inherent in innovative research, submitted proposals should not be merely speculative, and all applicants should provide a clear hypothesis and rationale for the research plan.

In the 2020-2021 application cycle, the Leducq Foundation will award four Transatlantic Network of Excellence grants, each for an amount not to exceed U.S. $7,000,000 over five years.

Application Process:

Leducq Foundation evaluates applications to the Transatlantic Networks of Excellence Program in a two-stage process. Interested applicants must first submit a letter of intent describing the composition of the proposed network and the general research plan. The Leducq Foundation uses the web-based service provided by Altum proposalCENTRAL for the submission of all applications. Instructions for applicants, and information about the application process, are posted on the foundation’s website, www.flcq.org. The Leducq Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will review the letters of intent, and request a full proposal from a select number of network applicants, which in previous years has averaged 14 out of the approximately 100-120 letters of intent. Full proposals are then evaluated by the SAC at the spring meeting, and up to five per application cycle are recommended to the Board of Directors for funding.

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