Gateway for Cancer Research – Continuity of patient access to clinical trials during Pandemic

June 16, 2020 by


The oncology community must continue to urgently respond to the significant disruption of clinical trials caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, Gateway for Cancer Research is committing funding resources to advance solutions that better ensure continuity of patient access to investigational studies during this public health crisis or any future exogenous events that threaten the execution of clinical trials.

The impact of this pandemic on clinical studies and the patients who depend on them have dramatically underscored the vulnerabilities of a clinical trial model that centralizes the delivery of investigational protocols and requires patients to “go to the trial.” The pandemic’s deleterious effect on the field’s ability to conduct trials makes it clear that the status quo is no longer an option. Instead, Gateway is actively seeking innovative ideas that put those facing cancer at the center of clinical trial design and will fund studies that leverage technology-informed virtual or decentralized strategies that “bring the trial to the patient.”


The following criteria will inform the development of proposals for submission. Note that these guidelines are not intended to be overly prescriptive; we seek to inspire a broad range of innovative ideas that push the bounds of clinical studies that make investigational therapies available to patients in decentralized settings.

Successful proposals will:

  • Advance a treatment-based clinical trial in oncology
  • Emphasize the delivery of the investigational treatment in a decentralized setting, ideally home-based
  • Define compelling primary and secondary endpoints
  • Creatively leverage one or more innovative technologies (telemedicine, wearables, remote monitoring, medical record review, e-consent, etc.)
  • Have been reviewed with your CTO Administrative Director for regulatory, data management, and safety considerations related to implementation
  • Integrate mobile clinician management
  • Incorporate rigorous and methodical collection, management, and analysis of trial-related data
  • Utilize clinical resources in proximity and convenient to patients for any trial-related procedures that cannot practicably be carried out in a decentralized setting (e.g. imaging, interventional radiology, complex infusion, etc.)
  • Leverage strategic inter- and/or intra-institutional collaboration, including commercial (e.g. biopharmaceutical, CRO, home health companies, etc.)

Gateway will provide grants in the range of $400,000 to $600,000 in funding for direct costs of the research.


Full Applications Due: Monday, June 22


The grant application may be submitted at any time, please contact to receive instructions on how to access our grant management system.

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