Pfizer – COVID-19: Continuity in Care for Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer

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The intent of this RFP is to provide support to nursing associations, cancer centers, hospitals or healthcare systems so that they may improve their systems-of-care for patients with metastatic breast cancer who receive oral cancer medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Funds are intended to be used to for initiatives that support patient adherence to treatment and reduce risk of patient exposure to COVID-19 such as home health services that allow licensed nurses to visit patients with metastatic breast cancer for potential blood draws and/or other monitoring the patient may require. The funds can be used for supplemental salary support, transportation costs, and other related items (not otherwise reimbursable by payors). Our goal is that the process of patient care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic will be improved with this additional funding support. This RFP is aligned with a recent recommendation from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Best Practices Committee to transition outpatient care to at-home care whenever possible (e.g., pump disconnection, administration of growth factors, hormone therapy). Ref. JNCCN─Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic If selected for funding, organizations will be asked to certify that their patient-support initiative will only be used to benefit patients receiving evidence-based oral cancer medicines and that treatment decisions will not be made based upon the availability of this program. Organizations will also be required to create an objective assessment tool to validate a clinical risk and to document a medical need for each patient to be enrolled in programs supported by the grant.

Key Dates:

Grant Application RFP start date: April 15, 2020

Grant Application RFP closing date: May 21, 2020

Anticipated Grant Award Notification Date: Our intent is to review and make funding decisions on all applications within 7-10 days of submission.

Grants will be distributed following a fully executed agreement.

Anticipated Project Start: As soon as possible after the grant agreement is executed.

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