Vilcek Prize: Creative Promise in Biomedical Science

March 20, 2020 by


The Vilcek Foundation will award three Creative Promise Prizes of $50,000 each to young foreign-born biomedical scientists who demonstrate outstanding early achievement. Eligible work may be in basic, applied, and/or translational biomedical science.


  • 3 Biomedical Science prizes are awarded each year
  • Unrestricted cash prize of $50,000 is awarded to each prizewinner
  • Reflect on how your experience as an immigrant has shaped your success
  • Receive an invaluable endorsement of your contributions to biomedical science from leaders in your field
  • Winners are featured in a public relations campaign that promotes their work

Who should apply if:

  • You were born outside the United States and are a naturalized citizen or a green card holder, or currently hold a valid H1B or O-1 visa and have been living or working in the United States for at least five years, or have been granted DACA relief
  • You are not more than 38 years old (born after January 1, 1982)
  • You are a biomedical scientist who has conducted creative, independent research in basic, applied, and/or translational biomedical science

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