VHEOC RFP 021 – Medication Assisted Treatment Education

February 5, 2020 by dld5dt@virginia.edu


Create a presentation(s) aimed at educating members of the legal system on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorders. The presentation(s) should be geared specifically toward Detention Facilities and their unique settings, including inmate safety issues unique to jails/prisons. The presentation(s) should also be geared toward Diversionary Courts, and their specific related legal issues, and include outcomes related recidivism and public safety. Presentation should include recent research and evidence-based practices and involve stakeholder input.


Many Detention Facilities (Jails, Prisons) and Diversionary courts (Drug Courts, Behavioral Health Dockets) may not approve of MAT as an acceptable treatment modality in their facilities or court programs. Some Detention Facilities and Diversionary programs need more education on MAT, how it works, risk versus benefits, and facts versus myths, in order make informed decisions. Addressing these unique settings and concerns is vital in helping leaders choose which aspects of MAT treatment may be beneficial for use in their specific areas.

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