International Progressive MS Alliance – Stage 1 Applications

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The International Progressive MS Alliance (Alliance) is pleased to announce a new funding initiative designed to accelerate research focused on the mechanisms underlying progressive MS through innovation and collaboration. Only research proposals that challenge current paradigms and/or traditional approaches used to investigate mechanisms of progressive MS to date will be considered. Applications that include investigators from multiple institutions are strongly encouraged. The Alliance anticipates that this award will expedite development of therapies for progressive MS.


Proposals should aim to achieve one of the following goals:

  1. Identify novel insights into molecular pathways that contribute to axonal loss in progressive MS including but not limited to:
  2. glial activation
  3. neurodegeneration
  4. compartmentalized/smoldering inflammation, including interactions among resident CNS cells and the innate immune system
  5. Identify novel insights into molecular pathways that promote neuroprotection and/or repair including inhibitors and/or missing promoters of remyelination and myelin repair.

Proposals focused on the contribution of immune pathways to MS pathophysiology that are known to drive acute inflammatory responses in the relapsing forms/phases of MS, including the adaptive immune system, are out of scope for this RFA and will not be considered.

Support for each of these awards is limited to a maximum of €75,000 in total costs for 12 months.

Key Dates

Informational call(s) for applicants: January 2020
Stage I: Application due: February 5, 2020
Stage II (by invitation only): Application due: May 6, 2020
Notification of funding decisions: October/November 2020

Anticipated start date of funding: January 2021

URLs for more information

To learn more about this new funding opportunity, download the RFA or read more on the Alliance announcements page.


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