Virginia Higher Education Opioid Consortium (VHEOC) – RFP 016 Regional SUD Stigma Reduction

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The Region 3 CSBs invite proposals to develop an outward-facing campaign to reduce stigma, including education about SUD, addiction and resilience.


In the communities that are served by  Region 3 CSBs, as in most communities, stigma about acknowledging and asking for help for substance use disorders (SUD) continues to be strong. Stigma and lack of understanding of the nature of SUDs prevent individuals from seeking and accepting treatment. On an even larger scale, stigma for people with SUD and in recovery creates reluctance on the part of family members and the general community to support them through employment, housing, second chances, and more.  The Region 3 CSBs of Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare (BRBH), Piedmont, New River Valley Community Services, Mount Rogers, Planning District One, Cumberland Mountain, Dickenson County, Highlands, Danville-Pittsylvania, and Southside have long been interested in effective messaging and materials that can be used on an ongoing basis to reduce stigma of SUD and increase awareness of resilience in recovery.

Project Objectives

Assuming that effective and evidence-based messages and delivery media are researched, recommended and provided, a community-wide campaign for all five of our jurisdictions would serve to educate and remind both people experiencing SUD, their families and the community at large (who may have resources or supports that impact referral, treatment and recovery) about the commonality of SUD experience and prevalence across all demographics (including SES, race, urban v. renewal, education, age, gender, sexual orientation, and more), the facts about SUD and the ability to recover and return to active community contribution and community life.

Specific Services Requested

We request deliverables of evidenced-based messaging, educational material, and information that are shown to be effective in educating and reducing stigma for SUDs with: 1. People with SUDs (children and adults); 2. their families and 3. The community at large. Deliverables may include: A. Materials that can be branded by CSB logo long after completion of the project, including PSAs, brochures, flyers, other educational materials, and/or images and messaging that can be repeatedly used on social media, website, on print materials, etc. These materials should be researched to include the most effective messaging and education to influence both people with SUD and the community at large. B. Curricula, tools, trainings, Powerpoints including customization for special populations as needed, that can be used in different venues with different populations, such as schools, parenting groups, churches, support groups, general community decision-makers, and LE/criminal justice.

Deliverables in both categories of general education materials (A) and curricula, tools, training (B) related to stigma reduction, SUD/resilience education campaign should be focused BOTH towards a general population (universal) audience AND targeted towards a number of special population audiences. While ultimately we would like brochures, PSAs, etc., the desire is that the message(s), both broadly and specifically, would also come with recommendations for best vehicles of means of communication for intended audiences. (This might, for example, include enlisting university marketing expertise to develop a marketing plan, including best venue, e.g. billboards, social media, PSAs, brochures, posters, websites, flyers, etc., all able to be branded with the CSB logo.

Key Dates

Proposals due to VHEOC by 5 p.m. ET on 19-February-2020.

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