Virginia Higher Education Opioid Consortium (VHEOC) – RFP 012 Drug Treatment Court Impact Assessment

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The New River Valley Community Services Board invites proposals to conduct an impact assessment of individual and community level impacts by; 1) evaluating the impact on the individual and their family from a treatment/recovery perspective; 2) determining the fiscal impact to local communities and the region based on reduced incarceration costs, reduced CSA costs, and increased employment among other factors; 3) provide forecast measures of impact of increased investment in Drug Courts; 4) provide guidance on national Drug Court best practices including, fiscal support arrangements, and 5) recommend process and service improvements to increase the efficacy of New River Valley Drug Courts.


Drug courts were established in the New River Valley region with the Pulaski Drug Court in 2015, and now drug courts operate in Giles, Floyd and Montgomery Counties. These Drug Courts have graduated 29 individuals over the past four years. Services provided through the Drug Court treatment process have been supported with case management by NRVCS clinicians and staff. With nearly five years of data on Drug Court outcomes, impact analysis will inform additional resource allocations to continue and expand Drug Court programs and services.

Specific services requested of the successful grantee include:

1. Collection and review of regional data to include: drug court service provision and costs, local and regional jail costs per person incarcerated; local and state costs related to child welfare services related to parental incarceration; loss of income related to incarceration. Cost to be derived at the individual level and extrapolated

2. Review of evidenced based practices related to Drug Court programs.

3. Interviews with participants and stakeholders in the Drug Court process to develop case study scenarios based on the Drug Court Intervention. In addition to participants, stakeholders to include family members, judges, prosecutors, Drug Court service providers, Drug Court Coordinator, employers, probation officers, jail officials.

4. Facilitated discussion with stakeholders to present findings and develop recommendations for program improvement and resource support strategies.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide all specified materials in the required VHEOC form and format. Interested investigators should contact Dr. Driscoll ( for a detailed RFP and the one-page proposal template.

Key Dates

Proposals due to VHEOC by 5 p.m. ET on 2-January-2020.

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