Virginia Higher Education Opioid Consortium (VHEOC) – RFP 008 Drug Screening Assistance

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This funding opportunity announcement from the Region Ten Community Service Board (Charlottesville) is seeking assistance in research of evidence-based practices and analysis of available tools and products and the most cost efficient and effective use of such tools within the treatment setting in relation to point in time consumer drug testing.


Region Ten, provides a wide array of substance use services, (SUD) within our continuum of care. Within these programs we utilize point in time drug screens to assist with treatment decisions, compliance with treatment and adherence to treatment as well as accountability for consumers within treatment. At this time, we utilize a 12 panel urine drug screening product and also have additional one panel test strips for alcohol and other drugs not commonly tested.

Specific objectives:

Region Ten completes on average 225-250 urine drug screens/month within our course of treatment. We have regular instances of inaccuracy and have changed vendors and supplies several times in an attempt to gain more accurate results. These tests cost R10 about $5/test and increasing should we include the single panel screens for those that warrant additional testing. Then when they are challenged we at times send the sample for further confirmation testing at a cost of $150+ per test. The confirmation testing is both expensive and not ideal as we are not informed of the result for several days to a week which isn’t timely for treatment needs.

Specific services/activities to meet the objectives include:

  1. We are requesting assistance in cost benefit/analysis of the current options on the market for point in time drug testing, analysis of the accuracy of such testing along with best practice in relation to these consumers within an outpatient treatment setting. -urine testing vs. saliva -Is it worth having a ‘cheaper’ point in time tool IF we are more frequently required to send for confirmation therefore increasing the expense of that result. We are hopeful for guidelines for choosing a vendor and/or tool for such testing; for example, the test should be able to trace the drug within XX% accuracy or at XX% concentration, detection windows for different substances. We would also request any information and/or guidance on specific drug classes in relation to the point in time testing. Such as what potential things can interfere with an accurate test, which drugs are more likely to provide an incorrect reading and would be beneficial to send for confirmation than other drug classes, etc.
  2. Recommendations regarding trauma informed practices around completing urine drug screening with individuals. We do not observe consumers collecting the sample, we attempt to limit the ability to provide a false sample, but do not observe as it is not being collected for an official capacity but as a part of treatment planning and decision making. Even with this practice it is at time an uncomfortable interaction and therefore any suggestions around best practice as it relates to consumers with a trauma history.

  3. Recommendations around best practice testing within treatment: Identification of who to test- whether that by program, length of time in recovery, diagnosis, drugs of abuse; Frequency and scheduling of testing -Disputed results recommendations- when to confirm with further testing vs. not, would this differ based on what tool is used for point in time; saliva vs. urine testing. Staff Training Recommendations for those facilitating the testing/reading/interpreting results; best practice around facilitating the conversation with the consumer around the results and implications of such results.

  4. Ongoing consultation for a period of time following the implementation of best practice guidelines.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide all specified materials in the required VHEOC form and format. Interested investigators should contact Dr. Driscoll ( for a detailed RFP and the one-page proposal template.

Key Dates

Proposals due to VHEOC by 5 p.m. ET on 17-December-2019.

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