Virginia Higher Education Opioid Consortium (VHEOC) – RFP 005 Crisis Care Model Evaluation

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This funding opportunity announcement from the Mount Rogers Community Service Board is seeking assistance with a retrospective evaluation of a new 23-hour crisis care model compared to previous years, when no such model was present.


Southwest Virginia (SW VA) has some of the highest rates of substance use disorders (SUDs) in the country. According to data from the Virginia Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in 2017, the rate of fatal drug/poison overdose (per 100,00) in SW VA was 20.1 compared to 17.1 statewide. The rate of fatal prescription opioid overdose (excluding Fentanyl) was 6.9 compared to 5.7 statewide. Our new crisis care model by-passes the ER and places people with SUD into care immediately, and includes detox if necessary. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are present, along with RN’s, to support the model.

Specific objectives include the evaluation of client engagement with peer and emergency services, and determination if such engagement results in clients remaining in care longer and with reduced relapse rates.

Specific services/activities to meet the objectives include:

  1. Measurement tools for engagement and effectiveness for this population (we currently use GPRA metrics);
  2. Assist with data to determine effectiveness of this new model for SUD;
  3. Trend analysis by demographics to define “who” is our most-served clients;
  4. Quarterly review to provide feedback to improve care to people with SUDs;
  5. Recommendations for trainings with staff to include by the role and licenses;
  6. Evaluation of process to improve care for clients;
  7. How to best use Peers and SUD clinician within the process;
  8. Strategies for reducing stigma for SUD clients. We currently have a private entrance for law enforcement to bring clients.
  9. Recommendations on how to integrate this new 23 hour model into our continuum of care; and
  10. Evaluation of alternative therapies such as quiet rooms, music, visual calming scenes, yoga, etc.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide all specified materials in the required VHEOC form and format. Interested investigators should contact Dr. Driscoll ( for a detailed RFP and the one-page proposal template.

Key Dates

Proposals due to VHEOC by 5 p.m. ET on 2-December-2019.

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