Global Probiotics Council – Young Investigator Grant for Probiotics Research

January 31, 2019 by

The Global Probiotics Council (GPC), a committee established in 2004 by DANONE NUTRICIA RESEARCH and YAKULT HONSHA CO., LTD., has announced the twelfth annual Young Investigator Grant for Probiotics Research (YIGPRO).  The Council is offering two grants in the amount of $50,000 each for 2019. The purpose of these grants is to support new research on probiotics and gastrointestinal microbiota in the United States.  Young Investigators committed to basic research on gastrointestinal microbiota, probiotics and their role in health and wellness should apply.

Eligibility.  Young investigators who are senior fellows with a committed faculty appointment or early faculty members within a maximum of 5 consecutive years of his/her first faculty appointment (appointments must be in the United States) are eligible.

Applicants must be interested in understanding the health benefits of probiotics and microbiota and the relationship between probiotics, gastrointestinal microbiota and the body.  Candidates must be part of an established research program with the capacity to do research on microbiota and its role in health and disease.  Applicants are limited to one submission per investigator.

Deadline:  March 6, 2019


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