Cures Within Reach – clinical repurposing trials for the developing world

December 6, 2018 by

CureAccelerator Live! is a philanthropic pitch event, raising awareness of and funding for innovative repurposing research projects, with up to $50,000 funding for the winning project announced that evening. This Request for Proposals seeks clinical repurposing trials, up to five of which will be selected to pitch at this live event, held in the Boston area in Spring 2019, exact date to be determined by the submission deadline.

This CureAccelerator Live! will showcase clinical repurposing trials for any disease that primarily impacts patients in the developing world (low and lower-middle income countries as defined by the World Bank: see Eligible submissions can come from research institutions located anywhere in world, including upper-middle and high income countries, and the research can take place anywhere in the world. Applicants based in the developing world, and other applicants with partners in the developing world, will be given a higher ranking in the review process.

The proposed research must impact patients in the developing world. Examples of eligible
projects include:

  • A trial submitted by a US or European-based institution addressing a disease primarily impacting patients in developing world, such as malaria, where the enrolled patients are anywhere in the world;
  • A trial submitted by an institution based anywhere in the world addressing any disease, such as malaria or cancer, where the enrolled patients are in the developing world.

If you have eligibility questions due to patient population and/or disease impact, budget or other aspects, or if you have a repurposing idea that impacts patients in low and lower-middle income countries that isn’t an exact fit for this RFP, please contact Clare Thibodeaux, PhD at to discuss fit and/or submission options.

Proposed therapies must already be approved by the FDA, EMA or other regulatory body, or be otherwise readily available for human use. Repurposed therapies can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. Additional proposal submission instructions can be downloaded at this link:

Our strongest preference is for proof of concept clinical repurposing trials supported by
strong scientific evidence or clinical observations. We may also consider late stage
preclinical projects that would lead directly to clinical repurposing trials. Late stage
preclinical submissions would be strengthened by the support of a clinical team ready to
begin a clinical trial, if the final preclinical work delivers the necessary data.

Cures Within Reach is circulating this RFP because we believe that repurposing research is
an important strategy in finding treatments for unsolved diseases that primarily impact
patients in low and lower-middle income countries. An unsolved disease is one in which one
or more of the following are true:

  • There is currently no effective treatment;
  • The current treatment is only effective for a portion of the patient population;
  • There is a treatment that is effective, but many patients develop resistance to the
  • There is a treatment that is effective for the entire patient population, but the
    treatment is very expensive, and therefore some patients cannot get access to the
  • There is a treatment that is effective for the entire patient population with significant
    side effects, and for some patients the negative side effects outweigh the benefits of
    the treatment.

Maximum funding:  $50,000, including a required 20% institutional match

Deadline:  January 31, 2019


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