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July 20, 2018 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Building on over a century of success advancing medical and scientific research to reduce the burden of lung disease on patients and their loved ones, the ALA is expanding its research program with new grant funding opportunities:

  • Lung Cancer Discovery Award: Intended to support independent investigators conducting clinical, laboratory, epidemiological or any groundbreaking project aimed at revolutionizing our current understanding of lung cancer and improving diagnostic, clinical and treatment methods. Funding available for up to two years. Letters of Intent (LOI) are due October 3, 2018 for this program only. LOI outcomes will be e-mailed to prospective applicants in November 2018.
  • Allergic Respiratory Diseases Award: A long-standing joint effort between the American Lung Association and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology to encourage and support early stage investigators with a primary faculty appointment in an allergy/immunology division or section, to conduct research into advancing the understanding of allergic respiratory disease. Funding available for up to two years.
  • NEW Innovation Award: This award will support promising independent investigators who are leveraging their existing body of work to conduct basic science, behavioral, clinical, or translational research for lung health. Funding available for up to two years.
  • NEW Catalyst Award: This award champions the next generation of scientist who are ascending toward independence by supporting mentored-investigators who are conducting basic science, behavioral, clinical or translational research into lung health. Funding available for up to two years
  • NEW Public Policy Research Award: This mechanism is designed to help stimulate and inform important public policy debates around healthy air and lung disease. This award supports research on and evaluation of existing public policy and programs, as well as projects that inject innovative ideas into public policies impacting lung health. Funding available for up to two years.
  • Dalsemer Award: This is a mentored award meant to provide seed monies to junior investigators for researching the mechanisms and biology of interstitial lung disease. Funding available for up to two years.

Deadline:  December 13, 2018 (11:59 PM ET).  Note that applications for the Lung Cancer Discovery Award are by invitation only, after consideration of LOIs.

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