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September 22, 2016 by School of Medicine Webmaster

The Rector and President of the University of Virginia are pleased to announce that proposals will be accepted until October 21, 2016 for the next round of awards from the Strategic Investment Fund. Proposals may be submitted at any time but must be received by this deadline in order to be considered in this review cycle, and, if recommended by the advisory committee, brought to the Board of Visitors during its December 2016 meeting. Proposals submitted after October 21 may be carried over to a review cycle for a later Board meeting.

Eligible projects. A proposed project must be consistent with the purposes of the Fund. The purposes are described in the Guiding Principles Funding may be requested for up to three years. If the project is intended to continue beyond three years, then a plan showing how it will be made sustainable must also be presented.

Where a project represents a collaboration, all partners in the collaboration should be noted in the proposal as having given their approval. If there is a possibility of additional funding from another source, the contingencies around that potential funding should be clearly explained.

Eligible proposers. Any member of the University community (faculty, staff, or student) may make a proposal, including those associated with the Health System or with UVA’s College at Wise.

How to submit a proposal. Proposals may be submitted at any time. All proposers should preview their ideas with their dean, vice president, or Chancellor to receive guidance and feedback and be evaluated for alignment with school/unit goals prior to submission. All proposals must be submitted by a dean, a vice president, or the Chancellor.

Students wishing to submit a proposal that is student life-oriented should work with appropriate student leadership organizations and the Office of the Dean of Students to develop the proposal.

The Strategic Investment Fund Project Proposal Form can be found at this website:

Proposals may be submitted via email to Pace Lochte at, who will distribute the proposal to members of the Faculty Evaluation Committee.

Review process. All proposals are read by a faculty evaluation committee, which prepares written comments concerning each proposal for the advisory committee. The advisory committee is made up of the President, the three executive Vice Presidents, the Rector, Vice Rector, and two appointees of the Rector. The advisory committee makes its own evaluation of the proposals, taking into account the written remarks of the faculty evaluation committee.

The advisory committee then makes a recommendation to the Board of Visitors. Only the Board of Visitors can approve expenditures from the Fund. Expenditures from the Fund will vary depending upon the worthiness of the proposals and the level of earnings from the investments that make up the Fund.

The advisory committee makes its own evaluation of the proposals, taking into account the written remarks of the faculty evaluation committee and with respect to proposals predominantly focused on student life, the views of appropriate student representatives as solicited by the BOV’s student representative. The advisory committee reserves the right to ask proposers to revise their proposals, and the Board may also amend the proposals. Funding may be awarded for greater or lesser amounts than requested. Whether successful or unsuccessful, all proposers will receive feedback on their proposals.

Monitoring. Approved proposals will contain metrics for measuring the success of the project, and all proposers must expect to provide periodic progress reports. For multiyear projects, funding in years two and three will be contingent upon satisfactory progress. All requirements of the University concerning integrity and financial accounting must be observed.

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