Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Science Education Grant Program

May 13, 2015 by

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has announced the science education grant program: Inclusive Excellence: 2017 Undergraduate Science Education Grants. More information can be found here<>.

Each institution is limited to one pre-proposal. Prior to determining if an internal competition will be needed, Archie Holmes, Vice Provost for Educational Innovation & Interdisciplinary Studies, will be hosting one or more meetings for parties who have interest in working to help UVa put together a strong proposal so that they can meet each other, share ideas, etc. If interested, please complete the following Doodle pool as soon as you can:

Archie would like to arrange a singular meeting, but can host as many meetings as are needed to allow everyone to meet/participate. Archie plans to finalize the first set of meeting dates and locations by Friday.

Also, if you are interested but your schedule does not allow you to attend any of these meetings, please feel free to email Archie along with any ideas which you have that would address this RFP.

Please feel free to contact Archie ( ) if you have questions.

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