American Heart Association Summer 2015 Research Program Description

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The AHA Board of Directors has approved the topics for the next two Strategically Focused Research Networks (SFRN). The fourth SFRN will focus on WOMEN and the Fifth SFRN will focus on HEART FAILURE.

A Network is comprised of three to four institutions, or Centers, working on three projects each that are focused on one strategic area.

Similar to the previous SFRNs, the next two Networks will have their own Request for Application which will require that each submission have an overall application from the Center Director, as well as three proposals from project Principal Investigators in the following science areas:

  • One proposal addressing basic science discovery
  • One proposal addressing clinical science discovery
  • One proposal addressing population science discovery

A Center application can comprise projects from more than one institution, as long as there is a named sponsoring institution, where the Center Director is located and will manage the oversight and financial responsibilities. Thus, applications should convey how these different areas of science will be integrated, both in their scientific discoveries and through joint team communication and integration.

Deadlines will be announced soon. Check here for updates:

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