NIH funding opportunity – Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacoepigenetics and Personalized Medicine in Children (R01)

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This new funding opportunity will provide funds necessary to apply pharmacogenetic/pharmacoepigenetic advances to the treatment of pediatric conditions.  An applicant is expected to assemble and develop the infrastructure, capabilities, research programs, and teams required to: (1) conduct translational research leading to a comprehensive description of disease phenotypes of interest; (2) understanding of genetic/genomic/epigenetic basis of variability in drug responses, effects, and toxicity in the treatment of pediatric diseases/conditions; (3) apply and implement pharmacogenomics approach to clinical trial design for ongoing and future clinical trials.

Research areas appropriate for this announcement include but are not limited to, the following:

  • identification of pediatric disease-specific phenotypes
  • identification of polymorphisms that affect efficacy and toxicity of drug therapy in children
  • identification of epigenetic factors that affect efficacy and toxicity of therapy in children
  • identification of the complex interplay between disease phenotype, developmental pharmacology, and genetic and epigenetic changes

Deadlines:  standard NIH deadlines apply


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