American Epilepsy Society Seed Grant Program

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This program is intended to foster collaborative interactions between two or more established investigators* to make future grants related to epilepsy more competitive for larger awards, and to fuel multi-investigator projects.  These small awards are designed to enable information exchange/technology transfer, travel of postdoctoral fellows between laboratories, and modest supplies for the project. These awards are designed to provide seed monies to investigators ($20K total, no indirects allowed).

*An established investigator is defined as having at least an Associate Professor or equivalent level appointment, and who has a history of successful NIH/NSF/VA funding.  Their work can be focused on basic, translational, or clinical research.


  • At least one PI must be an active member of the Society
  • Must be a new initiative that will add value to the field or fill a gap in knowledge
  • Techniques in a collaborative effort must be complementary
  • Must involve two or more established investigators, at least one of which is an epilepsy-focused investigator.
  • Although not required, trans-disciplinary projects, projects integrating clinical and basic research, and research directions with translational relevance are encouraged.
  • Also encouraged are collaborations between geographically separated laboratories, or between laboratories in highly disparate scientific disciplines (e.g. neuroscience and engineering).

Funding: A maximum of five one-year grants in the amount of $20,000 each will be awarded annually.  Grants are non-renewable.



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