NIH funding opportunity – • Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS) (RM1)

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The re-issued Centers of Excellence in Genomic Sciences (CEGS) program establishes academic Centers for advanced genome research.  Each CEGS grant supports a multi-investigator, interdisciplinary team to develop innovative genomic approaches to address a particular biomedical problem.  A CEGS project will address a critical issue in genomic science or genomic medicine, proposing a solution that would be a very substantial advance.  Thus, the research conducted at these Centers will entail substantial risk, balanced by outstanding scientific and management plans and very high potential payoff.  A CEGS will focus on the development of novel technological or computational methods for the production or analysis of comprehensive data sets, or on a particular genome-scale biomedical problem, or on other ways to develop and use genomic approaches for understanding biological systems and/or significantly furthering the application of genomic knowledge, data and methods towards clinical applications.  Exploiting its outstanding scientific plan and team, each CEGS will nurture genomic science at its institution by facilitating the interaction of investigators from different disciplines, and, by providing training to new and experienced investigators, it will expand the pool of highly-qualified professional genomics scientists and engineers.


Deadlines:  multiple application deadlines – July 2, 2014; May 20, 2015; May 20, 2016.  Letters of intent are due one month before the relevant deadline.

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