NIH funding opportunities (2) – • Collaborative Research Projects to Enhance Applicability of Mouse Models for Translational Research

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The purpose of these two Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA) is to invite applications for collaborative R01 projects from multi-disciplinary teams to expand, improve, or transform the utility of mouse cancer and tumor models for translational research.

  • For a linked set of collaborative R01s, each site has its own Program Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s), and the program provides a mechanism for cross-site coordination and communication.  Collaborative studies are appropriate to address research questions beyond the capacity of a single-site investigation, particularly to accommodate collaborations among sites with diverse expertise, perspectives, and contributions.  Teams of applicants could propose demonstrations of how to overcome limitations of oncology mouse and human-in-mouse models, define new uses of models or mouse genetics for unexplored translational challenges, advance standard practices for use of translational models, test approaches to validate and credential models, or challenge current practices for how models are used translationally.
  • For individual R01s:  applications could propose to overcome limitations of mouse and human-in-mouse oncology models, define a new translational use of models or mouse genetics for unmet needs, advance standard practices for modeling human cancers and tumors in mice and for validating and credentialing models, or develop widely applicable tool strains or resources that enable cross-species comparisons.

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