Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Translational Partners Program (UVA)

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This program supports collaborative translational research projects in the field to Biomedical Engineering. The goal of this program is to provide funding to develop translational research projects that address unmet clinical needs and lead to improvements in health care.

Examples of desirable outcomes include improved diagnosis and treatment of disease through new biomarkers or medical devices, new medical devices to treat disease, new therapeutic targets, or new imaging tools. Although not required, most projects will result in commercial partnerships, new intellectual property and start-up companies. Both short-term and long-term/high-risk projects are eligible. On average, the Program supports 6-8 projects and invests over $800,000 every year.

Permanent, full-time, tenure-track faculty in the professorial ranks (assistant, associate, full).

Each proposal must have at least two co-investigators, one whose primary or secondary appointment is in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Virginia and one clinical investigator (medical doctor, nurse, or professional who cares for patients).

The research must directly relate to topics in health care and the objectives of the project should include an outcome that will benefit patients. Evaluation of each proposal will be based on technical feasibility, clinical merit, health care impact and significance, experience of the team, the potential for commercialization and ability to successfully obtaining follow-on funding (extramural grants, foundation grants, as well as investor capital).

Investigators must submit the final proposal by April 18, 2014 via e-mail to David Chen (dc9rk@virginia.edu) and Angel Thompson (angelt@virginia.edu), with hard copy to the Department of Biomedical Engineering office (MR-5, 2nd floor; PO Box 800759). The Advisory Board will review the proposals and make recommendations on funding priority. Final project teams will present to the Advisory Board on June 18, 2014. The program will notify applicants fourth week in June 2014. Funding will begin July 2014.

Applications should not exceed five pages, excluding a cover page, a budget page, and two-page CVs from the co-investigators. Use Arial font of 11-12 point size. The cover page must contain the project title, names of the co-investigators, amount requested, a one-paragraph summary, and the approval/signature of the department chair of the co-investigator who is not in the BME Department (the signature can be scanned as part of your proposal or faxed separately to 434-982-3870). Award recipients will be required to prepare quarterly progress reports for the Coulter Foundation and board of advisors.

Specific aspects of the final proposals will include:

  • Quarterly milestones and research plan for achieving them
  • Explanation of clinical relevancy of research (e.g., envisioned product, clinical need, disease fundamentals, epidemiology of patient populations)
  • Intellectual property status, strategy and plan
  • List of current funding and pending proposals for
    each co-investigator
  • Plan for funding after Coulter award expires
  • Include IRB and/or ACUC status for project

David Chen (dc9rk@virginia.edu, 3-7357)

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