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DHS has released its Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for FY14.  The Long Range BAA focuses on a wide range of science and engineering disciplines that align with existing DHS S&T Divisions.  These include:

  • Border and Maritime Security.  Development and evaluation of detection, classification, and locating technologies to respond to border and maritime threats.
  • Chemical and Biological Defense.  Advanced surveillance and detection technologies, responsive countermeasures, and improved threat awareness.
  • Cyber Security.  Advanced cyber and critical infrastructure protections, including secure protocols, end system security, user identity and data privacy technologies, and forensic capabilities.
  • Explosives Countermeasures.  Detection, mitigation, and response to explosive threats (aviation, highway, maritime, and improvised explosive devices).
  • First Responder.  Tools, technologies, and standards to improve communication among first responders.
  • Resilient Systems.  Human factors/identification systems, physical security systems, and decision support systems.

Specific foci within these divisions are detailed in the full BAA.

Letters of Intent must be submitted prior to submitting a full proposal.  Applicants may still submit a full proposal even if DHS does not encourage this based on their white paper.  In addition, proposers may submit inquiries regarding the viability of their research prior to submitting a white paper via the submission portal located at the solicitation site noted below.

Deadline: The BAA will remain open until January 1, 2019, with white papers and full proposals accepted on a rolling basis.

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