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“Thank you all to those of you who participated.  The word cloud exercise was closed as of March 5th, 2014.  We appreciate everyone’s input and we will post results soon!”

Form Removed.  Original Text Follows:

Hoo Is the UVA School of Medicine?  Think of 5 words that best describe the school and type them in below.

Take just a brief moment to think about what combinations of words get at the essence of the SOM.

There is no right or wrong description. We will aggregate all of the words and present them in a unique graphical display.

We will also use the data from this exercise as a discussion tool at the plenary session:

  • “Times They Are a Changing,”
  • Thursday, March 6, 5:30-7 p.m.

If you opt to enter your primary Department appointment we will be able to reveal word clouds for individual Departments.

What is a word cloud?

A word cloud is a visual representation of words that displays greater prominence of words that appear more frequently.

This type of visualization can be used to explore qualitative themes and concepts in the image.


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  1. Becky Ellwood says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the strategic planning, even if in the slightest way. Bringing all of us together to work towards beneficials goals may be daunting, however, I applaud those working diligently to that end.

  2. Spencer B. Gay M.D. says:

    We need to emphasize the special things that set us apart from other institutions that may have better parking. Special providers, special nurses, special technologists, specialized treatments developed here.
    Patients should feel that they have some to a special place (MD Anderson for example) and that they are our special guests and patients.

  3. Dianne Wilensky says:

    FYI: When we first moved here, I heard this phrase several times: “If you want to get well fast, go to UVA Hospital, but if you want tender loving care, go to Martha Jefferson.” I think we need to find a way to let people know they can get both, then follow through! And I say that because the two times my husband was here as a patient, he got the benefit of cutting-edge research/top-of-their-field specialists, but the nurses and floor people were perfunctory and somewhat impersonal in their attitudes (possibly overworked also, but I know that’s the nature of most hospitals these days).

  4. Tom Daniel says:

    great idea

  5. gene barrett says:

    I question the utility of this exercise

    1. Kline Bolton says:

      Without necessary state and other funding to support our missions, without independence of the SOM with its own guaranteed resources, without the needed vision, I fear we will remain in the cloud, no matter the good intentions !

  6. Paul Matherne says:

    We need to capture the essence of why we are here- I work with an incredibly talented and committed team and we do amazing things and I want everyone to know. This cloud will help us get the word out.

  7. Scott Syverud says:

    Bring us your ill, your injured, your wheezing children yearning to breath free,
    send us the sickest, the traumatized to see,
    to heal, to help, relieve, restore,
    we lift our lamp, healthcare’s front door.

  8. Michael D. Williams says:

    We have the opportunity to redefine medical education, but to do so we have do the unthinkable and respect our past and traditions without being confined by them. We have to find and develop new partnerships, strengthen relationships with industry and continue to push ourselves to make new advances from the bench to the bedside

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