The Academic Strategic Planning Process

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The School of Medicine is currently embarking upon a 6-month academic strategic planning process. The environment of academic medicine today is volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous. With the changing landscape of healthcare and multiple external pressures on schools of medicine — sequestration, budget cuts at the National Institutes of Health, tuition caps and salary freezes, accountable care organizations, big data, transnational research, faculty retirements, competition — it is important for us to have  a a shared vision for which to strive and a plan from which to navigate a dynamic environment.

This planning process will involve the School gaining a better understanding of the internal and external environment; developing an integrated vision that incorporates the education, research and clinical care missions; identifying key challenges and readiness for change; establishing aligned priorities and commitments; identifying key milestones; determining organizational implications of strategic models; and developing a transition and implementation plan.

The planning phase started in November 2013 and will continue until June 2014. When finished, this plan will augment and align with the clinical strategic plan launched in 2011. Both of these plans will dovetail into the overall University of Virginia strategy.

An Executive Committee, Chaired by Dean Dunlap, will receive recommendations from the 17-member Steering Committee, which in turn will collect input from the three mission working groups and the tactical working groups.

To ensure that all stakeholders have a voice, the School is soliciting feedback and inviting you to participate.  This is a unique opportunity to share your perspective and help shape the future of the School for years to come.

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