Michelson Prize and grants – non-surgical sterilization methods for animals

January 7, 2014 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Michelson Grants:


Found Animals offers Michelson Grants of up to $750,000 USD for research in pursuit of a single-dose, permanent, nonsurgical sterilization product or technology for use in male and female cats and dogs. To qualify for a Michelson Grant, a proposed project must pursue a technology, mechanism, or pathway representing an innovative approach to nonsurgical sterilization. Investigators are encouraged to submit for “proof of concept” studies in cell culture, rodents, and/or target species. Scientists from a wide range of fields are encouraged to apply.

The first step to apply for a Michelson Grant is submission of a letter of intent.

Letters of intent are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis and, if approved, investigators will be invited to submit a full grant proposal and will be provided with the guidelines for proposal submission. Foundation staff will work with applicants to determine a timely proposal deadline that is convenient for all parties.

Michelson Grants: https://www.michelsonprizeandgrants.org/michelson-grants/

Michelson Prize: https://www.michelsonprizeandgrants.org/michelson-prize/

URL for program: https://www.michelsonprizeandgrants.org/

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