Limited funding opportunity – Dana Foundation neuroimaging program

January 2, 2014 by School of Medicine Webmaster

The Dana Foundation is allowing a single preliminary application per institution/school of medicine. The nominee may apply for one of the following programs:

1. Physiological and Structural Imaging – anatomical imaging of white or gray matter and measures of physiological functioning. These proposed studies should focus on patient-oriented clinical research.

2. Cellular/Molecular Imaging – biochemical actions of specific brain cells, or their interactions with immune cells, which have direct clinical relevance to human health and disease. These studies may involve human tissues or animal models. Applications can involve the study of cells within neural circuits, using a combination of imaging and single cell electrical recording, if the techniques have already been developed.

The neuroimaging program supports promising early career investigators who have not yet been awarded more than one independent research grant (R01 from the NIH or equivalent from another federal agency). Awards are $200K payable over three years, and are designed to enable investigators to obtain pilot data more quickly than is possible through other funding processes.

The Dana web site ( currently is being revised and should be available to provide additional information on the program this coming Monday, January 6.

If you are interested in applying for this program, notify Dr. Steven Wasserman of same no later than Friday, January 10. If more than one faculty member voices interest, we will conduct an internal competition to decide on a nominee. Preliminary proposals are due to the foundation on February 25.

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