Looking for Information about COVID-19 Research and Collaboration? You’ll Find It on iTHRIV Site

June 23, 2020 by School of Medicine Webmaster

The COVID-19 crisis brings with it many important research opportunities and questions. As we face these questions, we have tremendous opportunities to build collaborative teams across UVA.

To facilitate communication and team science, as well as to connect you to COVID-related research resources at UVA, iTHRIV has added a new section to their Research Concierge Portal: https://portal.ithriv.org/#/home<https://portal.ithriv.org/. After logging in through Netbadge, browse to CONNECT -> RESEARCHER CONNECTION -> COVID Collaboration Corner. In that section, you will find a general resource page connecting you to other COVID-19 research resources. Researchers can add their own research concept pages to the site (which are all behind Netbadge so visible only to UVA people in the portal). This can help researchers find collaborators and/or access to limited resources which may facilitate their own work.

Click the “Add Resource” button and complete the web form with a description of your project and what you are looking for in collaborators, or simply explain your plans to make others in our community aware. Once your research concept is approved by the COVID Committee, it will move to the list of studies that have been approved and your concept page will be deactivated.

Please email iTHRIV with any questions: ResearchConcierge@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu.



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