Highlights: October MAC Meeting

October 13, 2016 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Pinn Hall

  • Pinn Hall (formerly Jordan Hall) was renamed in honor of distinguished alumna Dr. Vivian Pinn. Pinn Hall will be renovated, floor by floor, starting in 2017 as part of our revitalization efforts and will include the creation of a Nobel Atrium to honor the Nobel laureates who did their pioneering work at the School.

Integrated Space Planning

  • At the September Board of Visitors meeting, Dr. Shannon, Dean Wilkes, and Ms. Sutton-Wallace presented recommendations for our physical plant based on the work of 130 task force members.
  • Three years from now, our space will be different — the process to get there will require much input from faculty and chairs.
  • Next step: Dr. Shannon, Dean Wilkes, and Ms. Sutton-Wallace will discuss with the BOV the business modeling that will help us move into a more efficient, high-tech, modern set of buildings conducive to collaboration and excellent work.

Grants & Contracts: Timely Submission Policy

  • Stewart Craig recommended implementing a submission deadline policy requiring administrative components and science components to be submitted five business days and two business days, respectively, before proposal due dates. This offers a good margin that tolerates error.
  • Reasoning: We do not want to lose proposals because of deadline-related issues. Having a rational submission policy also allows his office to be proactive. The policy also provides departmental and school administrators more time to do a thorough review.

Strategic Investment Fund

  • Dr. Shupnik thanked all who submitted proposals. Dr. Shannon, Dean Wilkes, and Ms. Sutton-Wallace will make decisions on the final submissions.
  • While expectations of these funds are developing, Dr. Shupnik will let everyone who submitted a proposal know its status as soon as possible.

Pinn Scholars

  • As a result of strategic planning, the Pinn Scholars program is being established as an effort to retain, reward, and engage mid-level faculty. Details will be shared when guidelines are final.

Department/Center Annual Reviews — Themes, Best Practices

  • The dean’s office has finished reviewing all departments and SOM centers. Dean Wilkes shared some common themes and lessons learned.

Surgery Research Incentive Program

  • Drs. Kron and Schroen shared a plan that was created to objectively reward and incentivize research productivity. Since its inception in 2007, the department has seen an increase in publications, grants, and research productivity, as well as concurrent clinical growth, but not at the expense of the clinical productivity. This successful program has helped align rewards with the academic mission.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 8, 2016, in the BIMS classroom.

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