77 Photos + Video: School of Medicine Class of 2024 (Officially) Receive Their White Coats

August 16, 2021 by Brian Murphy   |   Leave a Comment

white coat ceremony, class of 2024

Due to the pandemic, last year’s School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony was postponed. However, on Friday, Aug. 13, the 161 medical students of the Class of 2024 officially received them at the White Coat Ceremony and Convocation, endowed by the Class of 1965, in Old Cabell Hall. This is an annual event (pandemics notwithstanding) presented by the UVA Medical Alumni Association (MAA) and Medical School Foundation (MSF).

Barry Collins, Executive Director of the UVA MAA and MSF and Associate Dean for Medical Alumni Affairs, welcomed the new students, families, and attendees. Further remarks were made by Steven Scherping, SMD22, President, School of Medicine Mulholland Society; Susan Pollart, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, Ruth E. Murdaugh Professor of Family Medicine; Melina Kibbe, MD, Dean, Chief Health Affairs Officer for UVA Health; and Meg Keeley, MD, Interim Senior Associate Dean for Education, Professor of Pediatrics.

The coats were presented by Keeley, Dean of Dunglison College; John Densmore, MD, PhD, Dean of Hunter College, Associate Professor of Medicine; Christine Peterson, MD, Dean of Pinn College, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; and Sean Reed, MD, Dean of Reed College, Associate Professor of Family Medicine.

While they’ve already been here for a year, we are glad to be able to officially welcome the School of Medicine Class of 2024 to the University of Virginia!

Watch a recorded livestream of both SMD24 and SMD25 White Coat Ceremonies. (All photos by Coe Sweet.)

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And, because this past year has been a little upside down for the Class of 2024 …

white coat ceremony, class of 2024

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