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SMD16: 100% on Match Day

matchday2016LEAD_03212016Last Friday was a great day. I had the pleasure of seeing all 153 students in the University of Virginia School of Medicine Class of 2016 match to a residency program. This is an outstanding achievement!

We can attribute the excellent Match Day results to the quality of our students, the reputation of our school, and the excellent career advising that our students have received. I could not be more proud of our students and feel inspired by the dedicated faculty and staff who assisted their journey.

Of the 153 matches, 25 will stay in Charlottesville to do their residency at UVA Health System while the rest will travel to 31 states (and Washington, D.C.). The most popular residency this year was internal medicine — the others rounding out the top 10 included pediatrics, general surgery, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, radiology, orthopaedic surgery, and urology.

To see the full match list, please visit:

Please join me in congratulating the Class of 2016!

R.J. Canterbury, MD, MS, DLFAPA
Senior Associate Dean for Education
Wilford W. Spradlin Professor

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Why Aren’t We Leveraging Our Differences?

In his book “The end of diversity as we know it: why diversity efforts fail and how leveraging difference can succeed,” Darden Professor Martin Davidson argues that leveraging difference can be what drives an organization from ordinary to excellent. This argument raises the questions for our own organization around difference: Do we see difference? Do we embrace difference? Are we afraid of difference? Do we capitalize on difference? How does it feel to be different? How do we treat those who are different? And — by the way — different from whom or what?

As we strive toward excellence, we must understand the attitudes and experiences of the diverse members of our organization. In the coming weeks we will launch a Diversity Engagement Survey. The survey, just under 40 items in length, can be completed in ten minutes or less and addresses issues such as access to opportunity, appreciation of individual attributes, and respect. We invite you to contribute your thoughts by your participation in the survey. And we hope that you will join the discussions that follow the survey’s administration — discussions that will be informed by consultations with national leaders in diversity and inclusion.

We leverage difference all the time: our outpatient offices aren’t staffed only by doctors, our clinical environments take advantage of the progressive skill development of our trainees, and our classrooms benefit from what students from varying backgrounds can teach each other. Where are we missing opportunities to honor (and exploit) our differences and grow into a truly excellent organization? Let’s find out!

Susan M. Pollart, MD, MS
Ruth E. Murdaugh Professor of Family Medicine
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development

LCME: We Are Fully Compliant!

I am happy to report that the University of Virginia School of Medicine recently received notification from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) stating that we are fully compliant with all 12 LCME standards and all 93 elements comprising those standards. Thank you to the 200+ team members who worked so hard in preparing for the LCME site visit in Oct. 2014, and during the past year as we followed up on the few items for which we were cited.

The LCME will continue to monitor our progress in two areas: faculty diversity and the preparation of residents as teachers. Both of these are mission critical goals and a high priority for Dean Wilkes and our school. The Dean’s Office will be posting more detail about our efforts to improve these areas in the coming weeks and months. (So check back often!)

Our next status report is due Dec. 2016. Our goals and accomplishments have always exceeded mere compliance and we will continue to work in the spirit of continuous quality improvement to provide our students with excellence in education and training. Our next full survey visit will be in 2022-2023, and we will be ready for it!

R.J. Canterbury, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education
Wilford W. Spradlin Professor

Missed the MAC Meeting? Here Are Highlights …

Below are highlights from the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) meeting held on Tuesday, March 8, 2016:

Improving Communications

  • In an effort to better our communication, Dean Wilkes announced the launch of the Dean’s Office Blog. This site will contain information about projects, programs, and initiatives in which the Dean’s Office is supporting our faculty and staff.
  • Let us know if this site is not helpful.
  • Please spread the word. All faculty and staff have access.

Progress: Strategic Hiring Initiative

  • The School of Medicine has committed $60M to the strategic hiring initiative (SHI) to recruit 30-32 new faculty (with an emphasis on physician-scientists) over the next 5 years.
  • This initiative is well underway: The committee first formed in December/January and held its first meeting on Jan. 6. As of this MAC meeting (March 8), we now have two commitments from recruits. More are in the pipeline.

Mid-Cycle Reviews for Promotion and Tenure

  • We are interested in department models in keeping faculty on track towards academic advancement. If any department is doing an in-depth faculty annual review at year 3 (for newly appointed assistant professors) or at the end of the second year after the receipt of the award of tenure, please contact Dr. Susan Pollart and share your practice and the associated outcomes.

LCME Update

  • The School of Medicine is now compliant with all 12 LCME standards and all 93 elements comprising those standards.
  • The LCME will continue to monitor two items: faculty diversity and preparation of residents as teachers.
  • The next status report is due Dec. 2016. Next full survey visit: 2022-2023.

What We Are Doing with $60M…

Dean Wilkes has committed $60M to the strategic hiring initiative (SHI) to recruit 30-32 new faculty (with an emphasis on physician-scientists) over the next 5 years. The goal of this initiative is to substantially increase external research funding and to enhance our national prominence.

research_microscope_03042016To do this, the SOM is enabling departments to successfully recruit premier, established investigators with a strong track record of accomplishment, bringing research programs of strategic interest backed by strong, active funding, to UVA. These investigators are expected to either complement current programs or serve as a nucleus to establish new programs of strategic interest, and to link clinical and basic departments through joint appointments. Strong consideration will be given to candidates who catalyze our research themes of organ transplant, precision medicine, metabolic disorders, and regenerative medicine, which were developed with broad faculty input.

Start-up packages (5 years) will be funded in Year 1 by the dean’s office. In subsequent years, departments and the School will share the costs. Packages will be up to $3.75M in support per hire — 64% of which will come from the dean’s office, 36% from the departments. Funds flow will assist in this process, as Medical Center revenue will be provided based on research activity.

Candidates for the SHI must be supported and nominated by at least one clinical and one basic science department. Here is the process for nominating a candidate:

  • Collaborating departments will identify a potential candidate specific to this initiative.
  • Candidates identified in the process of ongoing searches, who might be suitable for the SHI.
  • Application packet should include a nomination letter, support letters from chairs/directors, CV, nominee alignment with strategic initiatives, department/center resources available, and budget (to be developed iteratively).

The SHI committee, co-chaired by Dr. Kodi Ravichandran and me, will review the nominations from chairs/directors. It will recommend which nominees should be pursued and will provide feedback to help originating units in generating future nominations.

If you have questions regarding the Strategic Hiring Initiative, please contact Dr. Ravichandran ( or me (

Margaret A. Shupnik, PhD
Gerald D. Aurbach Professor of Endocrinology
Professor of Medicine
Senior Associate Dean for Research