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Guiding Principles

jefferson-at-uvaAs Leaders We

  • Recognize that greatness and discovery emerge from fearless thinking and informed risk-taking;
  • Aim high, openly acknowledge when something did not work, and continue to dream big;
  • Remove barriers to excellence, identify solutions, and make timely and resolute decisions
  • Empower others to make decisions and act;
  • Look for opportunities to demonstrate what “I” can do to make “us” stand out as one of the best; and
  • Model the qualities of a successful leader in supporting the institution, encouraging mutual support and engagement among employees, and actively fostering the development of others.

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Guidelines for School of Medicine

Applies to:
Faculty Principal Investigators (PI) with primary appointments in the School of Medicine.

Reason for Guidelines:
research_petridish_03042016The School of Medicine is committed to providing rigorous, interdisciplinary research training for the next generation of biomedical researchers. The institution’s success is evidenced by the large number of training grant awards and the longevity of many of those awards, which reflect the excellence of our programs and the hard work of those who prepare the grant applications. The School of Medicine wishes to continue its distinction in training future scientists and to recognize the substantial effort required to prepare training grant submissions and direct these programs.

Guidelines Statement:
For each new or competing continuation training grant award the dean’s office will provide programmatic support equivalent to 5% of PI salary and fringe benefits (up to the current NIH cap) plus $15,000 in discretionary funds, for each year of the award. This support applies to Notices of Award (NOA) received after December 1, 2015.

This support does not apply to training grant proposals for which the PI already receives institutional salary support.

The 5% of PI salary is based on the salary of the PI and NIH cap effective at the start of each project year of the award.

Definition of Terms:
Training grant – an externally sponsored award providing support for multiple pre-doctoral and/or postdoctoral trainees. Examples include:

  • NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Institutional National Research Service Awards (T32).
  • Similar funding mechanisms offered by other federal agencies, national foundations, or advocacy organizations, as approved by the Senior Associate Dean for Research. Such approval is contingent on sponsor requirement that the PI commit a specific level of effort toward the award.

The PI will forward the sponsor’s NOA to the Office for Research, which will provide formal notification to the School of Medicine Finance Office.

Related Policies or Guidelines:
NIH Salary Cap —

Next Scheduled Review: November 2018

Revision history: This is the first version of these guidelines.

Contact Office:
Office for Research
3026 McKim Hall
PO Box 800793
Charlottesville, VA 22908
phone: 434-243-7088
fax: 434-982-0874

Oversight Executive:
Senior Associate Dean for Research
PO Box 800793
Charlottesville, VA 22908
phone: 434-243-7088
fax: 434-982-0874

Approved by:
David S. Wilkes, MD
December 16, 2015