Year: 2016

First Pinn Scholars Named

Supporting our faculty to advance their research.

Highlights: December MAC Meeting

Financial Advisory Committee, faculty titles & Dean's Office goals.

Time to Retreat into Research

Meet, explore, discover, collaborate.

Traveling Reminds Us of Home

How can we better serve you?

Drawing a Roadmap for Student Evaluation

It’s about what you can do, not just what you know.

Highlights: November MAC Meeting

Partnership, education, and research updates.

Inova and UVA Plan Comprehensive Research and Education Partnership

Collaborations on research, medical education, and recruitment to facilitate health innovations.

The 31 Flavors of Research Funding

New tools to help faculty find funding.

Highlights: October MAC Meeting

Space planning, Pinn Scholars, and delivering timely proposals.

Building a Better COOP

Are you prepared in case of an emergency?