Lean Management Success: UPG Fee Reduction

UPG strives to serve as an efficient steward of resources by providing high quality, specialized services in a cost effective manner. A vital part of this effort lies in the Lean management practices which have been implemented across all UPG units, and have generated significant value for the Health System for the past several years. We are proud to be a Health System leader in Lean processes.

Among other Lean management accomplishments, UPG has exercised extreme diligence with regard to replacing prominent positions when vacated. We have been able to manage FTEs by attrition, using existing resources when possible to fulfill necessary duties.

One of the benefits that is being realized as a result of ongoing UPG Lean management efforts is a reduction in the collection fee from 8.25% to 8.0%, effective FY19. This reduction translates to a $750,000 savings to clinical units, bringing the aggregate value of UPG Lean practices for the Health System to over $3M to date.

We are pleased to share this development.



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    Awesome work — thank you!

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